Monday, March 29, 2010

A Letter to Toots

Dear Toots,

I can't believe you are almost three months old! I decided I needed to write you a letter so one day when you are all grown up, you can know how mommy felt about you way back when.

You are the light of my life. It's hard for me to understand how much I love you, and I definitely didn't know how much it would be when you were in my belly. Sure, I loved you then and I knew I was going to love you SO much whenever you were born, but I still couldn't have imagined how it would be. As I sit here writing this to you, I am choked up and near tears thinking about you - because I love you so very much. Whenever I am feeding you at night or you are sleeping during the day and I am looking at you, I am overwhelmed by how wonderful you are. I know, you are a small little baby right now, but you are still amazingly wonderful, even at your little age. I look at you and I can't believe God blessed me with you. How did I get this lucky?

It makes me so happy whenever you wake up in the morning and I am changing your diaper and you give me a big, toothless grin! It is too cute and I know your future wife will think it is just as adorable as I do. You "talk" all the time now as well and we have conversations throughout the day about whatever is on your mind - it is so, so fun. Our love just continues to grow every day as you become your own person and we see your personality. You like to give a very dramatic pouty face when you are upset about something but you always manage to match it soon after with a giant open-mouth grin. You like the mornings the best but your baths at night are very close to being your favorite as well. You love, love the light and shadows and like to stare at them, mesmerized. You are also starting to like playing in your little play yard and batting at toys. Oh, and I think you are your favorite person right now. You just grin and talk and talk whenever you see yourself in the mirror. You have also discovered your hands and want to keep them in your mouth nearly all the time. It's also great fun for you to look around everywhere when mommy is exercising at stroller strides and to stare at all the other kids.

I think about all the exciting things that are coming up in your life. You literally have your WHOLE life ahead of you and I can't wait to share it with you. But, at the same time, I don't want to forget you as you are now, in this stage of your life, as a tiny little man. I am beyond lucky to be able to be with you all day, everyday and experience everything just as you do it.

Well, pumpkin, you are waking up from a nap right now so I need to go sweep you out of your crib and play. Always remember how much I love you!



Abri said...

this is so sweet! reading things like this makes me excited to be a mom one day... keep those pictures coming! :-)

Catherine! said...

This letter is so beautiful! It makes me even more excited for my baby boy, due April 24th! Toots is a lucky little guy.

Kim said...

So sweet! Being a Mommy is the best job ever, isn't it? Your note to B is so sweet, and the best part- it just gets batter and better and better! Every day that goes by I swear I love M more than before, and I didn't think that was possible!

Anonymous said...
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