Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Today is my mom's (CiCi to the kids) birthday! Happy Birthday, Mom! This is a picture the kids actually cooperated for this morning to send her on her special day:

This is Griffin's favorite new face to make. I call it his "duck" face. 

He's also figured out how to climb onto the fireplace. But, not quite how to get off of it, yet! I've also noticed that he now sings along with some songs. Brendan loves listening to Fresh Beat Band in the car and on one of the songs, Griffin sings along "la la la" with them. Also, this morning, Brendan was watching Mickey Mouse Club (which, of course, means Griffin watches some, too) and, at the Hot Dog Dance at the end, Griffin was singing "diggity dog." Haha! Brendan has taken to calling Griffin "Little Daddy" for some reason and says that's his new name. I'm not sure if he might have heard Griffin referred to as that by someone because he looks JUST like Tim. I can't imagine that he just came up with that on his own but who knows! Here's a picture of Brendan, for good measure :)

I will be 21 weeks pregnant on Sunday. Over halfway there (19 weeks left)! If Elly is like her brothers, she will come in more like 17 weeks, but we'll see if she follows suit. Here's a 20 week belly picture. She's still hanging out low, like Brendan and Griffin. I feel her kicks and movements very low. Tim can finally feel her as well and, on Monday, she was kicking so hard that my belly was moving. Usually, I wear the same pink shirt and maroon shorts for all pictures but I had to wear a purple shirt this week because our dryer was broken and the pink one was dirty. 

Hope everyone has had a good week and has a great weekend! 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

*Tap, Tap, Tap* Anyone still there?!

I am SO sorry it has been almost 8 months since I last posted! How ridiculous! I just got caught up in the mom/life thing and kept putting off posting...and, well, here we are! If anyone is still reading, I decided I needed to get back into this and try to start posting weekly again.

Our life right now...

Brendan is almost THREE years old!

Griffin is 13 months old!

Our baby GIRL, Elly, is on her way in March 2013!!

Yes, that's right, we're adding another to our brood of Thornes ;) I am 19.5 weeks pregnant. We just found out on October 8 that we were having a girl. I kind of suspected it because I feel totally different this pregnancy than I did with Brendan and Griffin - very nauseous 90% of the time (even still, at 19.5 weeks), lots of headaches, very emotional - but, you never know since every pregnancy can be different. We are very excited.

Brendan is in Mother's Day Out two days a week still. He is now in the two year old class. He still loves it so much and gets very excited when he gets to go. Griffin is home with me and will start MDO in September of next year. We go to a music class at TCU once a week that both the boys really enjoy.

Griffin still isn't walking - he didn't start crawling until 11 months - but he is cruising and very steady on his feet. Yesterday, at music, he did stand for a couple seconds without holding on to anything, so we are hopefully getting close. He does talk a lot, though. He says mama, dada, dog, all done, hello, bye bye, yes, no, uh oh, night night...I think there's some others but that's what I can think of right now :)

Brendan is completely potty trained. We started right after he finished school at the end of May and he was accident-free after the first day! He doesn't even wear pull-ups or diapers for nap time or night time and is able to make it the whole night completely dry. He says everything he wants to and is at the stage of saying some hilarious things and asking lots and lots and lots of questions! He and Griffin play together now and have lots of fun - as long as they don't want the same toy!

Things and pretty much the same with Tim and I. He is still working at the same firm and things are going well and I am staying home with the boys. I also run the Facebook pages for my dad's move theatres, which is enlightening into the world of customer relations.

Here's a recent picture of Tim and I before a friend's wedding.

If anyone is still reading, I hope things have been going well for you! I'm putting it on my weekly to-do list to post every week, so you should be seeing lots more of me. Have a great weekend!