Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Time

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I haven't really been in the mood to blog lately!

Before we went to Destin, we got Brendan's hair cut. He wouldn't cooperate very well for a picture, but here's one with the new 'do.

We went to Destin June 7-11. Brendan LOVED the ocean and never wanted to leave it. He wasn't all that into the sand. He didn't dislike it, just wasn't really interested. He wanted to be in the water as much as possible.

Hi, CiCi!
Brendan and CiCi
Walking on the beach, likely headed toward the water
Hmmm..the sand here is wet from the water...
Brendan loves his Papa so, so, so much. He pretty much thinks he is the funniest guy of all time. I have a very cute video of him laughing at Papa that I have to figure out how to post. Here is one of the pictures Tim took of Brendan out on the balcony with Papa when he was laughing at him.
Sorry I don't have more pictures of the trip. My mom took most of the pictures and I haven't gotten any of them from her, yet. I will post some more when I get them.

Last week, we went to a splash playdate at Brendan's friend, Kinley's, house. He had tons of fun because he loves the water now.

Awesome splash pad to play in
Taking a dip in the pool. Laughing about getting his face wet.
Splashing in the water!
Brendan has finally discovered how to play peekaboo and loves to play with us. The other day, he was using one of my dresses to cover his face and play. He ended up getting tangled up inside the dress.
Trying to help him get out.
Where's Brendan?
Help me, Mommy and Daddy!
Also last week, we had our last Little Gym class. We decided not to sign up again for the rest of the summer because, after being in it for two "semesters," I think Brendan was starting to get bored with it. He liked playing but he usually wouldn't participate in the mat activities and lots of times would just sit and watch everyone doing things instead of participating. We are considering signing up again in the Fall so that he has an activity he can do with just Tim or me one on one to give him some alone time with us, but we haven't decided for sure.

He is also taking swim lessons, which I think I mentioned, and he's doing great! He doesn't get upset about going under water at all. This week, the teacher had them "swim" underwater to us (her holding them about 3 feet away from us and swimming them to us) so they were underwater for about 3 seconds. He didn't get upset at all. I think it is a success. We will likely sign him up again for those in the Fall but that is something Tim will have to go to with him since I won't be able to get in the pool for 6 weeks or so after the baby is born.

Back to Little Gym....Brendan does loveee the parachute and enjoys riding on it.
I don't know what this picture is haha...I accidentally picked this one instead of one of him climbing some stairs but it's too difficult for me to switch it out!
Getting his medal for completing the class
Look what I got, Mommy!
And last, but not least, here is the 25 week belly picture (with the addition of Brendan's hand):
I will be 26 weeks tomorrow and today officially marks 99 days until my due date - double digits! Everything has been going smoothly. As of my last appointment a little over 3 weeks ago, I've gained 12 pounds. I have another appointment on Monday to do my glucose test to check for gestational diabetes. I think I will have gained 3 or 4 more pounds at that appointment. I have been getting more aches and pains and feeling very tired, but nothing too bad.

Hope everyone has had a good week so far!