Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

Tim and I packed stuff at the house this weekend, went to a wedding, and saw the new apartment. Tim's cousin, Bethany, got married in Flower Mound. The wedding was really pretty and the bride looked great! The food was also really good. We had a fun time.

We also got to see the new apartment, which we found out has NEVER been lived in! That is especially exciting becuse it is all brand new and clean and wonderful. Tim is moving in on Wednesday and I will go down this weekend to finish unpacking everything. I will definitely take pictures to post.

That's about all that happened - nothing too big! I have my first mini-trial on Wednesday so I will post after that, if not before.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sunny-Side Up

Things are starting to improve :)

The police called Tim and think they might know who robbed our house. They don't have any evidence and haven't found any of our stuff but there is a guy who has a history of robbing houses in our neighborhood and recently got out of juvenile detention and they saw him around our neighborhood on Tuesday. I just appreciate them taking the time to look into stuff and not just blowing it off because we didn't lose THAT many valuables.

Also, Tim talked to the landlord and he agreed to pay for all the improvements we have made to the house and to pay half of our moving costs as well as to give us back our deposit (which he had already agreed to) so that will help us out a lot. We are going to sign the lease for the new place on Saturday and we got lucky because they are having a $99 move in right now so we only have to pay a pet deposit in addition to the $99, which saves a bunch of money.

I've gotten all but one grade back now and we are supposed to get that grade on Monday. So far I'm still doing well but the grade I am missing was my only 3 hour class last quarter, so it will make a difference if I do bad in it. We'll see!

Anyway, I just wanted to give y'all an update. Thanks so much for all the nice comments - we appreciate them!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Here We Go Again....

Thanks for all of your comments - I really appreciate them :) We decided we are going to move for sure. The landlord already agreed to give us our deposit back and said we could take as long as we needed in April to move without paying. We are going to go ahead and move April 1st, though, and ask him to pay us for the improvements we already made to the house (painting cabinets, new handles on cabinets and drawers, painting living room and dining room, cleaning the filthy place, and Rug Doctoring the carpets) since we aren't going to get to benefit from them at all and to pay for our moving expenses. We'll see what he says. I think we are going to hire movers so we don't have to do it all again - plus we will be on the third floor in our apartment so that is a long way up to try to move things ourselves. We will be living at the Amli Fossil Lake ( It was just built a year ago and was very nice when we went and looked at it in January. We are going to be in the biggest apartment they have - 2 bedrooms, 2 bath with both a sunroom and a balcony. I think it will be much appreciated to be in a brand new place where there are no problems!

Weekend update...Friday we went over to our friends Michelle and Pete's house for dinner and watched the movie Shutter. They have a little girl named Missy who is just the cutest thing ever. The dinner was pasta with vegetables and it was delicious! We had a lot of fun hanging out with them. Saturday, we went to George's to watch the A&M v. UConn game. Unfortunately we lost. That night, we went to Baris with our friends Tanya and Tommy and then went to a bar outside of Waco called Tradinghouse and watched the band Modern Day Drifters. The band was pretty good and we had a great time with them. We are going to try to plan a time for them to come to Fort Worth for us to go out to the Stockyards. Sunday we just kind of hung around and I did homework and then we went to Dad and Nancy's for dinner. Tim left this morning and you know what happened the rest of the day from the post below.

I did have one good thing happen today, though. We are finally getting most grades back from the Winter quarter and I got the High A in my Family Rights Practice & Procedure class :) That was my first High A in law school (and probably my only one!) so I was really excited about that. I still have three grades not turned in even though grades were due today. I hope I will get them soon.

Other than today, we had a great weekend. I think our apartment will be great, it's just too bad our house didn't work out and we have to move for the second time in a month. Maybe after this it will all settle down!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and has a great week!


Well, my thinking the house was getting better was short-lived. Tim got home from Waco this morning and found our house had been broken into over the weekend. They stole our Wii, Wii games, some DVDs, a $1,000 stereo I got as a graduation present, and Tim's old laptop. Awesome.

It appears they came in through the door in the dining room that goes out onto a deck. It was weird when we moved in. Like, it would lock and seem like it was in place, but it had a big space between the door jam and the door. The only way he figured it out was that he had put blue painter's tape around the door to keep the draft out and that was torn when he was looking around the house to figure out how they got in. I called the apartment complex we looked at before we found the house and they have an apartment available on April 1st, so I think we are probably going to move. I'm waiting on the final word from Tim, but I don't think I will ever feel safe in that house if he isn't there now. It freaks me out because they had to have known something about the house to know that door was broken like that. We are thinking it was either someone who had been there before when the last tenents lived there or some of the high school kids from the high school down the street because they walked through the driveway a few times right before we moved in.

I'll post about the weekend later. The fun we had has kind of been overshadowed by this happening. I'll keep y'all updated - the police where there a little while ago when I was talking to Tim and he was waiting on the landlord to call him back.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Me :)

Bobbi and Sara commented and asked me some questions below, so I thought if I might have
some new readers coming in, I'll give some info about myself...

- My name is Lauren, I'm 23 years old. I'll be 24 in July.
- I am in law school right now at Baylor in Waco. I'll be done in July, take the bar at the end of July and graduate on August 1st (hopefully!)
- My husband, Tim, is 26 and graduated from Baylor Law in May of 2008.
- We got married on May 3, 2008 - which was the same day he graduated!
- Tim is now living in Fort Worth because he got a job at an Oil & Gas law firm in December, so we are doing the long distance thing during the week
- At the end of April, I am moving up to Fort Worth and will commute back and forth my last quarter of law school.
- We both graduated from Texas A&M (WHOOP!). I am Fightin' Texas Aggie Class of 2006 and he is Class of 2004
- We both grew up in Beaumont, Texas but didn't meet until we were in college
- I actually started law school at Texas Wesleyan in Fort Worth in August 2006 but found out at the end of my first semester that I got in to Baylor. Tim was at Baylor at the time and I wanted to do trial law and they have a really good program for that, so I dropped out of Wesleyan in the middle of finals and started over at Baylor in February 2007. Baylor wasn't going to count my classses at Wesleyan and I had only taken one final, so that's why I just dropped out and started over.
- I am going to be working at the Tarrant County District Attorney's Office starting the Monday after I graduate for about 9 weeks. Then, I will be on a break until I get my bar results in November. If I pass the Bar (which I hope won't be a problem), I will hopefully get a full-time job as an Assistant District Attorney in Tarrant County
- We just recently rented a house in Fort Worth - thanks to Jen for telling us about it :). You might see my post below about some of the issues we have had, but we really like the house and are getting everything worked out and hope to live there until we are ready to buy something in a few years.

So..I guess that means I used to be at Texas Wesleyan but I'm now at Baylor (Thanks, Bobbi, for the luck!) and I do now consider myself a fellow North Texan since Tim lives in Fort Worth and that will be my home soon enough! If there's anything else y'all want to know, please ask, I'd be happy to answer.

Oh..and I promise to change this background to something else since St. Patrick's Day is over. I'm just a little tired of using wedding pictures so I am hoping Tim and I will take a cute picture this weekend that I can use.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Direct/Cross and Followers

I had to to my "big" direct and cross examination today. Basically, that entailed me questioning a witness for my side of the case (defense) and cross examining a witness for the other side (plaintiff). I also had to admit two pieces of evidence. The case was about a guy who was drunk running over another guy and killing him and the dead guy's family was suing the bar (me) that the drunk guy supposedly drank at that night, saying the bar shouldn't have served him because it was obvious he was drunk. It went fine. Of course, you always imagine it going spectacularly and wowing the professor and the other students but it doesn't really go that way. I had the "hard" professor who is very critical but I think it went well overall and I am satisfied with my performance.

Also, I have two Followers on my blog now, which makes me exceedingly happy! Hi Bobbi and Kelli!! The rest of you should follow me (basically, this just means you click some button saying you want to follow my blog if you have a Google (gmail) account and it puts my posts in this little box so you don't always have to type in the website to come look at the posts. Doesn't apply if you don't have a gmail account) and also make me very happy :) haha

Hope everyone's week is going well - it's already almost the weekend. Yay! We are getting to hang out with our friends Pete & Michelle on Friday and Tanya & Tommy on Saturday and we're really excited about it!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patty!

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone!

I vow that, at this time next year, I will get off work right about now and go to a bar and drink green beer. That is the joy of having a job and not having school! Hope everyone else gets to celebrate the day.

On a happy note, Tim sent me beautiful flowers today! I was having kind of a blah day, so they really brightened me up. They are pink tulips (my favorite) and blue/purple irises (I think). Sorry for the bad picture quality...I only have my cell phone here to take pictures with.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


This week I had Spring Break! I never knew how much I appreciated it until PC. I spent Friday night telling Tim how much I hate law school and wish I never went. It's not true, of course, but that's how PC makes me feel.

We moved everything into our house this past week and painted and tried to get things set up. We have had a number of problems with the house already....including mice. The landlord is working hard to get things corrected though and told us he would do whatever it takes to get things right for us to be happy. I will take some pictures of the place soon and post them. I think it looks great. My mom came to Fort Worth for a few days this week and did the vast majority of the painting in the living room and helped us get things we needed and decorate. We appreciate it so much :)

We went and saw Roger Creager at Billy Bob's on Friday night. It was really fun - he is probably my favorite Texas Country artist. That's about all I've done. I've got Direct and Cross Examination exercises this Wednesday, so I will be working on that this week. This week we are halfway done with PC!! YAY!! After this week we will have our three mini-trials and then the quarter will be over. I am SO ready.

Sorry I've been a bad blogger. We don't have internet yet at our house so I wasn't able to do anything. I hope everyone had a good Spring Break or has one this week. If you don't get Spring Break - I hope you had a good weekend!

Monday, March 2, 2009


Hello! Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Friday and Saturday, Tim and I went to Fort Worth and worked on the house. It was filthy. There is no other way to describe it. Just disgusting. So, we ended up not getting as much done as we thought and only got most of the kitchen painted. I think he is finishing painting the kitchen tonight. There is a lot of stuff that needs to be done, but I really like the house. I promise to post some pictures when we get a little more done.

Saturday night we had our last Supper Club here in Waco. Unfortunately, we didn't get to stay very long because I had to get some work done and we were running the half marathon on Sunday so we needed to get some sleep.

We got up at 6:00 AM on Sunday and the race started at 7:30. I ran the half marathon (13.1 miles) in 1 hour and 50 minutes and Tim ran it in 1 hour and 58 minutes. I beat him! haha...But, we both got first place in our age groups!! So, that was really exciting. We came home and took a little nap and then I had to work on my Opening Statement for today. We went to eat dinner with my dad, Nancy, and the kids and then came back and did some more work.

I had my Opening Statement this afternoon. It went fine but we were in the exercise from 1:00 PM until 6:45 PM! That was not fun. Also, I was the first group to go so I didn't eat lunch because I was trying to get ready. I felt like my stomach was eating itself by the time I got done.

We have Direct/Cross Examination exercises on Wednesday in front of former PC students and then I have it in front of the professors the Wednesday after I get back from Spring Break.

I guess that's about all. Hope y'all have a good week!