Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Direct/Cross and Followers

I had to to my "big" direct and cross examination today. Basically, that entailed me questioning a witness for my side of the case (defense) and cross examining a witness for the other side (plaintiff). I also had to admit two pieces of evidence. The case was about a guy who was drunk running over another guy and killing him and the dead guy's family was suing the bar (me) that the drunk guy supposedly drank at that night, saying the bar shouldn't have served him because it was obvious he was drunk. It went fine. Of course, you always imagine it going spectacularly and wowing the professor and the other students but it doesn't really go that way. I had the "hard" professor who is very critical but I think it went well overall and I am satisfied with my performance.

Also, I have two Followers on my blog now, which makes me exceedingly happy! Hi Bobbi and Kelli!! The rest of you should follow me (basically, this just means you click some button saying you want to follow my blog if you have a Google (gmail) account and it puts my posts in this little box so you don't always have to type in the website to come look at the posts. Doesn't apply if you don't have a gmail account) and also make me very happy :) haha

Hope everyone's week is going well - it's already almost the weekend. Yay! We are getting to hang out with our friends Pete & Michelle on Friday and Tanya & Tommy on Saturday and we're really excited about it!


Bobbi Janay said...

Hi back. Are you attending Wesleyan for law school? Best of luck with school.

Sara said...

I like your blog! Are you a fellow North Texan?

Kelli said...

It sounds like you did a good job. Congrats!