Monday, March 23, 2009

Here We Go Again....

Thanks for all of your comments - I really appreciate them :) We decided we are going to move for sure. The landlord already agreed to give us our deposit back and said we could take as long as we needed in April to move without paying. We are going to go ahead and move April 1st, though, and ask him to pay us for the improvements we already made to the house (painting cabinets, new handles on cabinets and drawers, painting living room and dining room, cleaning the filthy place, and Rug Doctoring the carpets) since we aren't going to get to benefit from them at all and to pay for our moving expenses. We'll see what he says. I think we are going to hire movers so we don't have to do it all again - plus we will be on the third floor in our apartment so that is a long way up to try to move things ourselves. We will be living at the Amli Fossil Lake ( It was just built a year ago and was very nice when we went and looked at it in January. We are going to be in the biggest apartment they have - 2 bedrooms, 2 bath with both a sunroom and a balcony. I think it will be much appreciated to be in a brand new place where there are no problems!

Weekend update...Friday we went over to our friends Michelle and Pete's house for dinner and watched the movie Shutter. They have a little girl named Missy who is just the cutest thing ever. The dinner was pasta with vegetables and it was delicious! We had a lot of fun hanging out with them. Saturday, we went to George's to watch the A&M v. UConn game. Unfortunately we lost. That night, we went to Baris with our friends Tanya and Tommy and then went to a bar outside of Waco called Tradinghouse and watched the band Modern Day Drifters. The band was pretty good and we had a great time with them. We are going to try to plan a time for them to come to Fort Worth for us to go out to the Stockyards. Sunday we just kind of hung around and I did homework and then we went to Dad and Nancy's for dinner. Tim left this morning and you know what happened the rest of the day from the post below.

I did have one good thing happen today, though. We are finally getting most grades back from the Winter quarter and I got the High A in my Family Rights Practice & Procedure class :) That was my first High A in law school (and probably my only one!) so I was really excited about that. I still have three grades not turned in even though grades were due today. I hope I will get them soon.

Other than today, we had a great weekend. I think our apartment will be great, it's just too bad our house didn't work out and we have to move for the second time in a month. Maybe after this it will all settle down!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and has a great week!


abby and paxton said...

wow that is awful! i'm so sorry. I really hope you get paid back for all of the improvements you did on the home. it will be nice to be in a safe place. i wouldn't feel comfortable in a home that was broken into either.... so sorry to hear- good luck with moving. it is such a pain.. hiring movers would be nice.

Sara said...

That's great news, but you're right, three floors up is hard to move into. It will keep you in great shape!

ColtonandJessica said...

Your apartment complex is beautiful!! We live on the third floor of ours and I love it. :)