Tuesday, March 15, 2011

14 Months/12 Weeks

Hello, everyone! This daylight savings thing is totally kicking my butt. Not only does Brendan not want to go to bed and is having trouble napping but I'm not tired at my normal bedtime, so I go to bed later and wake up SO tired. Ugh!

I am also trying to wrap up the last of my work. I decided I needed to focus on Brendan, getting things ready for the new baby and actually doing Brendan's scrapbook/baby book these last few months before the baby comes. Plus, work was always stressing me out and that wasn't very fun for me or Tim. I have had a lot of trouble getting motivated to get everything done, though, because I have been so tired. I have GOT to get the stuff done so it quits hanging over my head!

I will be 12 weeks pregnant this Thursday. I found the heartbeat with my doppler that I have at home the other day, it was 174 bpm at it's highest. I'm also going to buy Intelligender tomorrow so we can try it again with this baby. I did it with Brendan and it was correct, so I feel like I have to see if it's right with this one as well :) We have our next appointment on Monday, March 28. Four weeks after that, when I should have my next appointment, I will be 17 weeks 4 days pregnant. The doctor told me at my last appointment that they will do the big ultrasound anywhere from 18-20 weeks, so I'm hoping he will either go ahead and do it 4 weeks from the appointment March 28, or that he will tell me to come in that Thursday when I will be 18 weeks, or make my appointment for 5 weeks out instead of 4. I think that he will because it would be dumb for me to go in and then come back just a week or two later for an ultrasound, but I'm not for sure. At the appointment March 28, we will just hopefully hear the heartbeat and I think that's about it.

Here is my picture from last week. I haven't weighed in a couple weeks because I'm trying to eat healthy (I gave up "unhealthy" food for Lent) and walk everyday, so I wanted to give myself a little bit to get on track before weighing. I probably will tomorrow. Hopefully it won't be terrible!

Here is when I was the same amount pregnant with Brendan. *Sigh* Look how tan and skinny I was and how young I looked. Boo hoo. I thought I looked pretty good until I found this! I can't wait for summer and bringing Brendan to the pool so I can get a tan!

Now, onto the good stuff. Here is my smiley FOURTEEN month old!!!
We have a really hard time getting him to eat his vegetables but he LOVES these fruit/veggie pouches we get at Target. They are organic and only contain mashed up of whatever fruit and vegetable are in them. No added anything else. He probably eats 2 a day. It's kind of sad he's still eating purees, but I feel better that he's getting some vegetables.
Happy boy eating some lunch. He must be happy when he wears this shirt. This is the most smiles I've gotten on camera in one day in ages! He will eat corn on it's own, however.
We went to Waco last Monday for a little visit because it was Lolli, Alex, Emily and Caroline's Spring Break. They have a cool park there that Brendan went to with them when he stayed before so we went back. Here he is "driving."
Going down the slide with Emily. He lovesssssss slides.
Another slide. Yay!
I went to a consignment sale a couple weeks ago. I wish I knew what I was having already and I could've gotten lots of clothes! Instead, I got some clothes for Brendan and got him a lawn mower. He loves it.
Playing outside on a nice day in his playhouse.
He is obsessed with Tucker's food and water bowl and constantly tries to knock over the water or eat the food. Consequently we have to keep it put up unless we are leaving. Poor Tucker.

Brendan clapped for the first time today. But, he only did it two times and I never could get him to again. He has also started dancing and jumping (pretty much the same move of bouncing up and down, but he does it when you ask him to "dance" or "jump" haha). I have a video of it but forgot to bring the video camera upstairs with me to upload it when I was doing the blog post. I will make sure to do it later this week or beginning of next week. He has also started doing a funny laugh randomly whenever we are in a store or he sees people and waves at them (not all the time when he waves, but sometimes). It is really funny but also a little weird :)

I guess that's about all! If you have a Spring Break, I hope you are enjoying it. If not, hope you're having a good week anyway :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ultrasound Pictures

Here was our first ultrasound when I was 6 weeks, 4 days:

Here is the second, at 8 weeks, 4 days:
The head is on the left (I think it kind of looks like a head) and the little ball on the right is the yolk sac. Isn't it crazy how much the baby grew in two weeks?

I'll be 10 weeks on Thursday, but I don't have another appointment until March 28 and likely won't have another ultrasound until the big one around 20 weeks.

Hope everyone is having a great week!