Monday, July 18, 2011


Sorry for the long time between posting! Brendan had his 18 month appointment last week and I had my birthday, but I'll save those for another post. From July 2-9 we were in Kiawah, South Carolina with my dad, Nancy, Alex, Emily and Caroline. It was an awesome vacation! I would highly recommend going there if you enjoy the beach and/or golfing.

On the way from the airport in Charleston to Kiawah, we stopped at this place called Angel Oak that was recommended by Nancy. It's this giant 300-400 year old oak tree. I forgot to stick in a picture of the tree itself, but here's a couple of pictures of Brendan with us.
I'm not sure why this is kind of blurry. Of course, Brendan never looks at the camera :)
Fourth of July in Kiawah, playing at the park after watching a little parade.
This picture looks like he is hating the water, but he loved it again just like he did in Destin. The only difference this trip was that he also liked playing in the sand, so he didn't spend quite as much time in the water.
Building a sandcastle with Lolli and Caroline.
Chasing a seagull. Look at the bird, Mommy!
Walking to the water with Daddy and Pops.
Our footprint on each side of Brendan's. Tim on the left, me on the right.
Building sandcastles with Emily and Caroline....Or maybe just knocking their's down...That's what he liked to do the best!
Whenever he was ready to leave the beach, he would either run up the dunes or he would start walking over to the boardwalk that you use to get on the beach. So, it was easy to tell when he was done.
I just think this picture is hilarious. He was spinning around in circles and this was at the end of the spin :)
Lounging in the pool Daddy and Alex dug for him.
Playing in the sand.
Thorne family :) Hard to read the first names.
Family picture on the last day.
We had a really great time and hopefully, we will get to go back again someday because we loved it. Thanks for taking us, Dad and Nancy!

I'll post either tomorrow or at the end of the week. I'm going to Crockett on Wednesday until Friday or Saturday, so if I don't post tomorrow, it will be Sunday. We have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and are getting an ultrasound to see how Griffin is growing, so I'll have some ultrasound pictures as well as regular pictures of Brendan and us for the next post :)