Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Stroller Strides

At the request of Lacey, here's a little more info on Stroller Strides.

It meets everyday, Monday-Friday. In Fort Worth, we meet 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM, but I don't know if that's how it is everywhere. We meet MWF at a local park and TTh at one of the malls here in town.

There actually isn't running involved in the one I am a part of, but I also don't know if that is different depending on where you are. There is, however, a lot of fast walking. We walk a total of about 3 miles each day we are at the park. I'm not sure how much it is at the mall. We also stop every so often along the way of the walk and do exercises. The exercises range from lunges, squats, and abs, to strength training with resistance bands working biceps, triceps, shoulders, glutes, hip flexors, thighs, etc. When you sign up, you get two different levels of resistance bands to use. It basically is a full body workout 5 days a week. I love it and definitely work up a good sweat.

Oh, and they involve the kids by getting the moms to sing songs to them during some of the workouts and, of course, it's very kid friendly and understanding if the baby cries or you need to stop and tend to your child. Also, at the end when we stretch, the moms that have a little older kids let them get out of the stroller and run around and play.

I really enjoy running and do planning on getting back into it soon, but I still plan to go to Stroller Strides everyday even when I start running again because it will work more of my body and also give me a strength workout as well. It's also really nice to interact with other moms while getting a workout.

The only sort of downside to it is that it does cost $50/month. But, the way I looked at that, I would likely spend that much to join a gym and I am getting 20 or more workouts a month out of that $50 (5 workouts a week/4 weeks), so it's really not too bad when you look at it that way.

If you have any specific questions about it or I didn't cover something, let me know!


Bobbi Janay @When did I go from a kid to a grown up? said...

That is awesome. I need to find something like that.