Monday, March 22, 2010


So sorry I didn't post at all last week! It seemed like time just slipped away from me. Saturday, my dad, stepmom, and brother and sisters kept Toots so Tim and I could go out with friends. We went to dinner at Taverna and went to Scat Jazz Lounge downtown. We had a great time but, unfortunately, Toots cried the whole time for them :( I felt so bad they had to deal with that the whole time we were gone! Tim's brother, his wife, and their two little girls came in town on Sunday and spent until Wednesday so we hung out with them quite a bit. It was the first time Toots got to meet his aunt and cousins :) We had a lot of fun with them. My mom and stepdad came in town on Wednesday night and stayed until this Sunday.

We started looking at houses this weekened. Our lease is up June 1st at our apartment and we are tired of living in apartments and ready to buy a house. Toots is getting baptized on May 23 so we would ideally like to already be in a house by then so we can have everyone over afterwards, but we'll see. We found one we really liked but the market analysis showed the other houses in the neighborhood were selling for MUCH less so we decided that wouldn't be a good buy. Hopefully we will find something perfect before too long.

Toots will be 11 weeks old on Wednesday! I think he weighs about 14 pounds now, but I have to weigh him with me today. He's sleeping so I can't do it now. I measured him yesterday and he was 25 3/4 inches long - that's two inches in three weeks! He's a BIG boy :) For two nights in the past week, he has slept SEVEN hours straight! We are super excited about that and hope it continues. It was a little scary to wake up after seven hours the first night and realize he hadn't woken up, but it was pure heaven when he did it last night. Also, while my mom was here, she stayed here one night with Toots and let Tim and I go stay at their hotel and get a full night of uninterrupted sleep. It was great. He has a cold right now, which is no fun and I think wakes him up in the mornings because he is stopped up. It's also hard to get him to breastfeed in the morning because he can't breathe well, but he gets SO upset whenever I suction out his nose, that it keeps it stopped up. I even got a NoseFrida (google it) to use instead of the bulb syringe, but he doesn't like it any better.

I've got lots of pictures to share since I didn't post last week. You'll notice some of them are a little blurry. It's quite difficult for me to get good pictures of him since he moves so much and I am trying to take them very quickly!

Snuggling in his warm towel after his bath


Smiling at mommy


First St. Patrick's Day :)


Onesie on St. Patrick's Day - who wouldn't think he's charming?!


Lots of bubbles in the tub, mommy couldn't resist making me look ridiculous by putting bubbles on my head.


I know he's not looking in this one, but I thought it was cute how he's sitting up against the Bobby.


Playing in his new play mat/area. Kind of blurry but very sweet :)


Hope everyone had a great weekend! I won't go so long without posting again :)


Natalie said...

For congestion, try the "Simply Saline" its a saline spray that you can spray up their nose & it pretty much just makes them sneeze & clear it out. Jack still hates it just as much, but it seems to be more efficient... our pediatrician recommended it to us when Jack got his 1st ear infection (he was about 6 mos). (BTW, the dr said there is no difference between the regular & the one "for baby" except they charge more per volume!) Hope he feels better soon!

P.S. cute bib ;-)

YaYa said...

Lauren, he is just precious! I love all the photos!!! and he is getting big so quick!!!