Monday, March 8, 2010

Two Months!

Hello, everyone! Toots turned 2 months old this weekend! We had his doctor's appointment today. He weighed 12 pounds 15 ounces (80th percentile), was 23 3/4 inches long (60th percentile), and his head was 15 1/2 inches (I can't remember what this was). The doctor said his head growth slowed down, which tells him he is probably about to have a growth spurt. I'm not sure how that indicates that, but that's what he said.

He rolled over for the first time the other day! I have it on video but he's naked in the video (trying to air out his diaper rash!) so I have to figure out how to edit it before I can post it. He rolled from his tummy to his back both to the left and the right. He's also "talking" a lot lately, smiling, grasping things, he can push up his chest and head when on his tummy and he has great head control. He can also follow things back and forth that you put in front of his face. He still loves the light and also loves shadows. He DOES NOT love sleeping, however :( Hopefully that will get better soon. The doctor said he should be sleeping more but if he's not sleeping a lot more by 4 months, we will start letting him cry some in his crib. He's plenty big enough to not need to eat during the night, but as of right now he still wants to.

This weekend, we went to Tim's boss' house for dinner on Saturday. Toots was very good. Saturday morning, I got a pedicure and a massage. It was literally the best massage I've ever had. It felt great! We intended to go to church on Sunday but, of course, Toots had a bad night and we didn't get much sleep. I swear, he always has bad nights on Saturdays when we want to go to church on Sunday! We ended up just going to the grocery store and hanging out at home. He didn't want to sleep at all yesterday but ended up sleeping pretty good at night. Today, he had to get lots of shots at the doctor, so he's not very happy :(

I'm going to go to the DA's office on Wednesday to visit and show everyone Toots for the first time. Other than that, we don't have many plans this week.

Here are some pictures...

I'm two months old! (I love this picture because I think he looks really small haha)

This is from when he was in the hospital. I just think he looks so precious.

This is his favorite pouty face. Anytime he's about to get upset he makes this face. You can't tell it as much in this picture, but that lower lip is stuck out realllllly far!

And last, but DEFINITELY not least...I finally got a big smile on camera!! Yay!! Luckily, I had my phone nearby because when I got the camera and tried to get him to do it again he wouldn't.

Hope everyone had a good weekend! See you tomorrow for Skinny Tuesday!


Bobbi Janay @When did I go from a kid to a grown up? said...

What a sweet smile.

YaYa said...

Toots is so cute,,,,I also love that pic that you said you made at the hospital. I can't believe he is already rolling over!!! Busy little baby!

M Hastings said...

He's a cutie! My T was born 01/10/10. Aren't they fun?!

Seth and Lacey mase said...

I LOVE his pouty face!!