Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Just Call Me Mrs. Fix It

I actually posted this on Facebook as my first big mom-fail, but some people commented and said that it wasn't actually a fail :) I was reminded by my friend, Michelle, that I needed to blog about it to keep a record of it.

Yesterday, I was running errands with Brendan and our last stop was at the Ford dealership to get my oil changed. They take FOREVER to change your oil - I'm always there at least an hour. Well, during this time, Toots got a dirty diaper and he started freaking out to have it changed (he has bad diaper rash from the antibiotics causing diarrhea so he's especially sensitive right now). I grab the diaper bag and bring him in the bathroom to change him, where I realize I have NO diapers in the diaper bag! He's not going to start crying....what to do? I had a burp cloth in the diaper bag, so I cleaned him up with wipes, wrapped the burp cloth around him like a diaper and put his pants back on to hold it in place since I didn't have any pins or anything. Homemade diaper!

It managed to make it until we got home and he even pooped a little in it and it didn't go onto his pants! Oh, and I promptly stuck six diapers in the bag when we got home.

I'll post some of our professional pictures we got later on or tomorrow!


Sara said...

I love this! How resourceful of you.

cspurlock said...

You ROCK lady! I usually forget the entire diaper bag & am left McGyver'ing something together. When C is on a food-strike due to tetthing or not feeling well, he gets vicious diarrehea. Last time we were at Target, I was out of snacks, juice, toys, almost out of diapers & had one Ziploc baggie left. I don't like to leave dirty diapers in the garbage for everyone to smell. That & I don't like to leave dirty diapers at friends of ours that don't have kids. So, I use a freezer Ziploc to wrangle the diaper & throw it away when I get home.

Steven & Amanda said...

That's not a mom-fail, that's an awesome fix! You'll laugh about this one forever :)

Bobbi Janay @When did I go from a kid to a grown up? said...

What an awesome idea.

michelle k said...

Don't worry, you'll forget all sorts of stuff, even when he's 2 1/2. I STILL will forget to make a sippy or stock the bag on wipes. Your car will soon gather an "emergency" stock pile of wipes/diapers/pacis and maybe even extra clothes if you have barf issues like us down the road... oh the JOYS.