Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Skinny Tuesday (A Day Late)

Sorry I'm a day late, I got sidetracked yesterday!

I only lost .2 this week, putting me at 152.2. The only day I ate sweets was Saturday, but I ate a lot of them. I ate so many sweets I felt sick and I think it made Toots fussy as well. I also didn't do very well on working out. I did the Wii workout a couple more days after Tuesday and did crunches and took the baby for a walk too but I didn't do anything Friday-Sunday.

I decided I'm going to re-join Weight Watchers next week. I did it before Tim and I got engaged and lost 25 pounds. It's a big motivator for me to have someone else see me weigh in. Also, Tim came up with the idea for him to take Toots when he gets home and let me workout and then I'll take him and Tim can workout. That way, we are both able to workout each night. We haven't been doing that because we watch our TV shows everynight but he said we should just DVR them and watch them later, which I think is a good idea.

Overall, not a very good week but I have a plan to get things going, so I'm happy about that. How was your week?


Bethany said...

You're doing great! I thought about joining weight watchers too, but it's not in our budget right now. I'm following the POINT system though, so hopefully that will help. I think I had a bigger loss this week because it was a dramatic shift from what I had been eating...hopefully I can keep it up. I love this "skinny tuesday" idea!

Also, how sweet for Tim to offer to switch off baby time with you so that you can both exercise! I hope all goes well!

Seth and Lacey mase said...

You ARE going to lose the baby weight, I promise!! It's like it sticks around and just won't go away and then all of a sudden it'll just start falling off, especially since you're BF!!

Just a word of caution... I started cutting calories AND running 3-4 times a week and my milk supply plummeted within just a few days. I had to work SO hard to get it to come back. I started eating LOTS of calories (healthy calories) and running, plus taking a mothers milk supplement and it came back, plus I actually started losing weight much faster than I had been. Point being, be careful about cutting calories AND exercising if you want to keep BF.

Lauren said...

Thanks, Bethany! My mom is helping me out with the cost of WW or it wouldn't really be in our budget, either.

Lacey, I was concerned about it making my supply drop. You get extra points on WW if you are breastfeeding, but I will definitely keep an eye on it. Thanks for the heads up!

mandy said...

AWWWWWWWWW your baby is soooo cute i have a second cousin and she is 2 years old she ids just adorable same as your baby