Sunday, November 16, 2008


My mom and my Nanny came this weekend to visit Tim and I in Waco. They got here Friday night and we went to Baris, this really good Italian restaurant in Waco. Saturday, we got up and went to this place outside of Waco called Heritage Homestead to eat lunch. It is a 510-acre homestead where these non-denominational Christians live. They are self-sustaining and grow their own vegetables and fruit, make cheese, milk, and desserts and various other things. They have a restaurant you can eat at and then a store where you can buy things they make as well as a pottery shop and woodworking shop to buy things. It was pretty cool but the shops were extremely expensive - like, there was a rocker that was a size for a toddler that someone that lived there made out of wood and it was $1,800!! It was pretty, but I can't imagine spending that much. The people can leave when they get older if they want to, but apparently a lot of them stay because they like the lifestyle. They were sort of Amish-looking but didn't wear bonnets or drive buggys.

After that, we went shopping at various places around Waco. My mom got some pretty stuff at this cool furniture store here called Spice. Saturday night we went to 1424 (the restaurant I talked about last week that Tim and I went to). It was just as good as the last time!

Today, Tim and I tried to go to about 5 different restaurants to eat breakfast, but they were all either too crowded or we got there just as they were stopping serving breakfast. I was very sad because I was really craving breakfast!

That's about it - not too much exciting stuff to talk about. I have my interview with the Harris County DA on Tuesday and the Tarrant County DA on Wednesday, so please keep me in your thoughts!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!