Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Interview and Kate-ism

I had my interview today. It went okay. I felt kind of like I did the last time, which isn't great. But, I guess I did well enough the last time, so we'll see. There were eight people interviewing today and six of the eight are either currently interning at the Harris County DA or have interned there recently. I don't think that is very good odds! I had to do a voir dire and a closing argument. I hope I get an offer but I won't be heartbroken if I don't since we don't know if we really want to live in Houston. My interview with Tarrant County is in the morning at 10:40 at the law school.

Funny extra note: Brian, Tim's brother, was telling us a story last night about Kate, his 3 year old. She has a CD of Broadway music that used to be her mother's that she really likes. Apparently, she has memorized the order of the songs on the CD. They were listening to it in the car and Brian thought she wouldn't like a particular song so he changed it to the next song. Kate was very distraught by this and said "WHY would you do that to me?!" to Brian, as if he had just killed her dog. Hahaha. It reminded me of the Shelbyisms from
Meg's Blog.

That's all! I'll update about the Tarrant County interview tomorrow.