Wednesday, November 19, 2008


The interview with Tarrant County went well, but they pretty much told me from the beginning that they wouldn't have anything to offer me since I haven't taken the bar yet. They told me to call and interview with the internship committee and to try to get an internship for after I take the bar and while I am waiting to get licensed. They give first preference on jobs to people that have interned with them, so they said that would be a good way to help me get a job once I do get licensed.

I would like to ask all of you to please, if you aren't already, say a little pray for Tim to find a job. We are getting by now because of his job as a law clerk, but it is so discouraging for him to keep applying for jobs and either get told that he isn't what they want or just not hear from them at all. I know the economy is bad right now so it is a hard time to be looking for jobs, but people are hiring - we just really need someone to hire him. I would very much appreciate all the prayers you could spare for him. He is keeping his hopes and head up about it but I am starting to get extremely discouraged and pessimistic about it.

Hope everyone is having a good Wednesday. I am going out for my friend Sandy's birthday tonight. Tomorrow is my Friday, so that's exciting!


ColtonandJessica said...

I'll add that to my prayer list. You two will figure it all out ;)

PETE said...

You guys are such good people. I know that what's happening now is only setting the stage for a big blessing. Mich, Missy, and I will be sure to add you guys to our evening prayers.