Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fall/Thanksgiving Decor

After my final this morning, I spent the day going to Hobby Lobby and then decorating our apartment for Fall/Thanksgiving. I wanted to show everyone what I did!
Wreath I made for the door

Kitchen table
Close up of cornucopia in the middle of the table
Side view of cornucopia. It's hard to tell here, but it actually has metal leaves making the sides of it and I filled it with small pinecones, gourds, moss, and leaves that were also on the wreath. Then I took some of the leftover leaves and wrapped them around it.

Centerpiece for the coffee table. The pilgrims are actually in the middle of one of those things you can put at the bottom of a candle for decoration. Then, I added some of the leaves from the wreath and cornucopia as well as some of the other decorations I used on the wreath. Behind them are a couple more gourds and pinecones.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend! I'm pretty tired now - I probably should've taken a nap instead of decorating!! Oh, and Gig'Em Aggies!!


Sandy said...

Your decorations are cute! I've always wanted to have the house that decorated for each season/holiday. A girl we carpooled with, her mom did that. I don't it kind of puts you in the season.

Lauren-----I give you the high A for decorating/seasonal spirit!

After exams, I want to come see them in person...