Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Splish Splash

We took Toots to the pool for the first time this past Saturday. Our new neighborhood has a hugeeee community pool and it was open for the first time this weekend. It was pretty crowded, but there was still plenty of room and a great pool that started out very shallow for us to be able to sit with him in. Here's some pictures:

Showing off his new shades for the occassion (they are Thomas the Train). He's too cool.

Daddy and Toots when we got to the pool.

Trying out the water for the first time....He was actually really tired and was fine when Daddy was holding him on his leg and he was in the water, but when he was put in the water on his own (like below) it resulted in crying.

Five minutes after the above picture, this is what happened...

After a 20 minute nap, he went back in the pool for a little more and was okay with being set in the water on his own. We only stayed about an hour because we didn't want him to be out in the heat too long. The pool will open up daily next week, so I plan on taking him some during the day during the week when it won't be as crowded. I'd say it was a success, though, because he didn't hate it :)


Kelli said...

Lucky you! A pool is the only thing our neighborhood is lacking. We're hoping now that they are building the last house in the subdivision and transferring the HOA over to the homeowners, we can vote on building a pool or something.

Natalie said...

Love the pool pics! He's getting so big! Enjoy the pool, that is one thing that we dont' have nearby and I wish we did. I grew up spending summers at the pool!

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