Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Patty Cake

I forgot to mention a few other fun things about Toots in my post last week. He LOVES Tucker (our Yorkie) and thinks he is just the funniest thing ever. I have a really cute video of him laughing when we say "Tucker" to him but I can't figure out how to get the videos off of my camera and onto the computer. When I connect my camera to my computer, the videos don't show up for me to upload them :(

Also, he has recently discovered sucking on his feet and reallllly likes to have his right big toe in his mouth if at all possible. He's also very into patting things. He likes to pat one of my hands while he's eating, pat the couch, pat the table, etc. And he loves his Faith Newman/Sophie more than ever. He is very good at being able to get any part of her body in his mouth and pretty much chews on her all day.

He is still sleeping fantastic, yay! Yesterday, he was on his back and was pushing himself backwards with his feet. We turned him over on his stomach and Tim put his hands against Toots' feet and Toots pushed himself along to a toy I had just out of his reach. It was cute. Too bad we can't get him to roll from back to tummy to begin getting ready to crawl! He's sitting up well. This week, he sat up without be a tripod (hands down to balance himself), for about 10 seconds. I know that may not seem like a lot, but it was a pretty big deal :)

As for me and Tim, we are very much enjoying the extra sleep we are getting. I no longer dread when it's getting night time. We recently got a Netflix account and have been enjoying watching some movies and also started watching TrueBlood this season. Tim has been really excited about the World Cup being on and spent most of his Father's Day watching that. Toots and I go on a walk/run every morning after he wakes up (except this morning because I actually slept in as well instead of getting up right after I fed him at 6:00) and sometimes we stop and swing at the playground during our journey. STILL haven't gotten any pictures hung in the house but I think we will accomplish that the rest of this week. I'm ready to get it done so we will be finished getting the house ready.

I haven't been doing as well on my diet and have gained a couple pounds. I decided to quit Weight Watchers to save money and I also had to quit Stroller Strides because, in addition to it costing $50/month (which we could afford), because of the location of it, it was costing us an extra $150-$200 in gas for me to drive there everyday, which made it unaffordable. I was reallllly sad to have to quit because I love the workout and the women I met there and I think that's the main reason I've gained a couple pounds because I haven't been getting a good workout. I am trying to be diligent about the walking/running in the mornings and sometimes in the afternoon as well and I think I'm going to start getting up early in the mornings and doing P90x workout. I'm just ready to get rid of these last 10 pounds but I am NOT good about my eating habits!

I guess that's about all going on right now! Here's some pictures

I posted this on facebook, but for those of you that aren't friends with me on there, I had to post it on here for all to see! He's a ladies man, what can I say...
First time ever on the swing

Hanging out on the couch in his cool overalls

It's a little harder to see in this picture than it was on my camera, but look how read his hair looks! All the pictures I took of him in the overalls, he had really red hair

Father's Day! His shirt says "Dad's My Allstar"
Swinging with Daddy for the first time. This isn't the same day as the above pictures in the overalls...I just put him in them a lot since it is hot :)

Hope everyone has had a good week! Sorry there aren't anymore pictures...I haven't been good about taking them this week!


cspurlock said...

You might try emailing the videos from you phone to an email account, then downloading them to your computer. This might work, but might not. It really depends on the size of the file.

YaYa said...

He is just getting so big and cuter every pic I see!!!! Know you are happy he is sleeping better....just wait till he is a teenager and you can't get him up till noon!

Lauren said...

Jen, the videos are on my camera, not on my phone, so I can't e-mail them to myself. I have to find a way to get them off the camera itself.

abby and paxton said...

awww, he'll be sitting up in no time. Then he'll be a lot happier being able to play with more toys.
Good luck with P90X. I only know a handful of people that have completed the whole 90 days worth of workouts, because it's just hard. But I want to do it after this next baby!! Maybe by that time you'll be cut and in shape and ready to do another round eh? I've done the first 30 days and I could totally tell a difference.. it really makes you feel great, but it takes diligence. I also didn't really follow the diet because I was nursing at the time.

nicolesspirit878 said...

Those are some really cute pictures! Have a great week!

michelle k said...

Oh how I WISH we lived close to each other so we could walk together every morning!! Those last 10 pounds always hang on, but they'll disappear before you know it. I promise :) I finally got off the latest plateau I've been on... ugh.

YAY FOR SLEEP!!!!!! Seriously, I am so happy for you guys!

I'm sad we're not gonna see y'all tomorrow :( Lame.