Thursday, June 3, 2010

One Year Ago...

One year ago yesterday (June 2), I thought about how I had been feeling a little "off" lately and snuck into the guest bathroom to take a pregnancy test while Tim was in the shower. A couple minutes later, I saw this: (it says "pregnant" I know it's hard to read)

A week and a half later, we saw this on the ultrasound:

Twelve weeks later, "it" turned into "he" this on the ultrasound:

And 18 weeks after that, he became this:

Now, 21 weeks after that (and one year after that "pregnant" popped up), he has become this:

My, oh my, how things change in a year!


Kim said...

Best change ever though, isn't it??

Bethany said...

Things certainly can change quickly! He is so adorable and always looks so happy in all the pictures!

Emily said...

What an adorable post summing up an eventful year and what a precious boy! Congratulations!

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