Monday, June 14, 2010

La Ti Da

Toots is 5 months old! It's been two weeks, but I haven't been a good poster, so I'm just now talking about that :) I did his five month stats myself and he is 19.6 pounds, 27 1/2 inches long, and his head circumference is 17 3/4 inches. All those are 95th percentile. He's still my BIG boy!

Currently, his favorite thing to do is scream. Not even necessarily when he's upset, just because he can do it. He refuses to roll from his back to his stomach. He did it once on the bed but never since then. He'll get all the way turned up on his side and we'll even put his leg over for him and he will.not.roll. But, when we put him on his stomach, he will kick his legs like he's trying to move. Who knows. Also, whenever we are holding him, he frequently tries to "leap" out of our arms like he wants to go somewhere but, of course, he can't move if he gets down so I don't know what he's thinking. He talks still and also makes whiny noises when he's falling asleep.

He doesn't sleep well, still. In fact, the past few weeks have been pretty much terrible. He starts waking up around 1 AM and wakes up 6 or 8 times after that. Awful. We are trying to figure out what the deal is and are considering letting him cry it out. I tried it today for a nap and it was terrible and I hard a hard time even calming him down after I went in and picked him up. But, if things don't get better, we will have to have some desperate measures because none of us are getting enough sleep at this point. We do have a very strict day-time schedule down so we aren't still trying to get a schedule down during the day, but just not good sleeping at night.

He is starting to like the pool. We went to Waco this weekend for my friend, Lindsey's, baby shower (baby Caroline due August 5th! Toots can't wait to meet his new friend), and swam in my dad and stepmom's new pool. He is still a little unsure about it sometimes but seems to be getting more and more comfortable and liking it more and more.

I'm still trying to get work done for Tim's firm. It's been difficult to get anything accomplished with Toot's terrible sleeping patterns the past few weeks, but I'm hoping things will get better soon and I will start getting up with Tim at 6:00 AM and getting everything I need to get done around the house done and get dressed for the day so that way when Toots naps, I can work during his naps instead of having to do house stuff. Luckily, Tim's boss is super patient and awesome and understands that I can't get a lot of work done right now.

What else is going on...ummm...I still haven't gotten anything hung on the walls at the house, so I still don't have pictures for y'all. But, I think Tim is having friends over to play poker on Friday so it WILL all be hung up by then and I will post pictures.

Here's some pictures.

I'm FIVE months old! Aren't I cute?!

I know you can't seem the "5" on his shirt in this one, but I thought this might be the most adorable picture ever with the way he has his hands and his cute facial expression.

This is his favorite way to be in the jumper, with his arms in it. Usually, he doesn't even have that one hand on the top of it. He keeps both arms inside of it and leans back like his lounging and turns around and around. No jumping so far, much to my dismay because I think jumping is the cutest thing.

We copied my friend, Lacey, and got a duck tub for Toots. He's looking at me in this picture like, "um, mom, I still can't sit up good on the dry floor. Why would you think I could sit up in a slippery duck tub?" Love the tub, and I think he likes it, too, but we're going to put it away until he can sit up better.

I accidentally put the wrong one of these pictures in this post but it's too difficult to switch them out. I meant to put one where his face wasn't blurry, but you get the idea. Just thought he looked cute moving around in just his diaper :)

Happy boy! (I can't remember if I already posted this. If I did, oh well. It's always okay to see a happy baby more than once)

Today, Toots decided he would like to have some orange juice.

No, really. He wants some. Give me some juice, mom!

A little bit about solids. I know there is a lot of controversy with starting solids sooner than six months. I realize there are studies saying it can cause problems in babies to start solids sooner than six months. I talked to our pediatrician at length about this and ended up deciding I was okay with it. We started at 4.5 months or a little later with some rice cereal. We did that for a little while but he didn't like it very much and we had to mix it with prune juice because it made him constipated. He never had the tongue thrust or anything, he was super about eating from the start. Next, we tried sweet potatoes. He LOVES them. Along with butternut squash, those two things might be his favorite things ever and he eats a ton of them. He's not so sure about carrots. He thinks he might like them, but maybe not. He doesn't like green beans so far. He gags whenever he eats them. We started trying peas last night and he seems to like them okay. Not love them like sweet potatoes and butternut squash, but he doesn't gag on them. He also had bananas for the first time. He liked them unless he got a bite that wasn't mashed up enough and then he would gag a little. He eats a pretty big amount of food at dinner. Probably around 6 tablespoons. At lunch, probably about four and he just started having breakfast today and probably just ate one or two tablespoons of bananas. He sometimes has a little bit of water when he's eating and we've started using a sippy cup for that. He loves chewing on the spout of it and likes to hold it but doesn't understand how to turn it up to get the water out yet.
I make his food with the KidCo Feeding System. I didn't win the one I blogged about awhile back, but Tim's Aunt Pattie e-mailed me after reading my post and offered to buy one for us so that I could make Toot's food myself. She had it sent to us and I've used it to make every bit of food Toots has eaten. It's awesome and makes home-making baby food super easy. Thanks so much, Aunt Pattie! Whenever I am preparing, cooking, and pureeing the food, Toots sits on the counter in his Bumbo chair and watches me. He also likes to touch, look at, and sometimes attempt to eat this decorative bear I have on the counter. This is what I get to see while making the food:
The food making is quick anyway, but seeing this adorableness makes it even quicker!
I've got some other things to write about but this is a very long post so I think I'll save it for some other posts throughout the week. Hope everyone had a great weekend! Sorry for the blogging drought!
*The title of the post has nothing to do with anything. I just couldn't think of a title!


Bobbi Janay @When did I go from a kid to a grown up? said...

On the bathtub thing have you tried a bath seat? It is the greatest thing ever.

Kim said...

He's so cute. We have the duck tun for Mallory and LOVE it, but I think she was maybe 7 months or so when we started using it.

Lauren said...

Bobbi, we actually have a bath seat type thing for him that we use right now and, I agree, it is the greatest thing ever! Anytime I know someone who is pregnant, I recommend it to them. We just thought the duck was really cute.

Seth and Lacey mase said...

Yay for the DUCK!!!! I'm so glad y'all got one. Every night Seth says he wants to buy one for everyone he knows who has a baby. :) Mitchell has more fun in that tub - we've even put it in a friend's backyard while barbecuing and he had a ball! I bet you anything as soon as Toots can sit up a little better he'll be a happy little bather! :)

I just can't get over that little man chair - A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! He looks like he's the man in charge, for sure! Also, I like the idea of putting him in the Bumbo on the counter while you work in the kitchen - I might try that with M!

Bethany said...

Love all your pictures! Hope you get some sleep soon!

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