Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's Raining, It's Pouring

It's been raining here since yesterday afternoon. It finally stopped about 2:00 and the sun came out, so Toots and I went for a walk. It was HOT after that sun came out, though! I was planning to take him to the pool after he woke up from his nap, but he's napping longer than usual, so we'll probably just hang out here until Tim gets home and then it's off to Rosa's for Taco Tuesday! If you don't know what Taco Tuesday is, there is this Mexican restaurant called Rosa's Tortilla Factory and on Tuesdays they have taco plates for $3.66 (or something like that, it used to be $3.33 and they just raised the price). You get three tacos, rice, beans, and two tortillas for that price! It's a good deal and we go EVERY Tuesday - it's a family tradition :)

This past week, we went to Waco on Thursday to surprise my dad for his birthday. I thought he was going to be out of town on his birthday, so we hadn't planned on going there but when I talked to him to tell him "Happy Birthday" on Thursday morning, I found out he was in Waco so I quickly called Tim and told him we needed to plan on going there. My dad was surprised and we had a great time. Before we left, we had our first playdate with several kids the same age as Toots. There was a little girl born January 3, a little boy born January 8, a little boy who was 7 months old, and an 11 month old little boy. It was really fun to see two other kids almost exactly the same age as Toots. I really liked the moms as well and hope to get to hang out with them more and make some friends.

This weekend, we mostly just hung out. Tim went and watched the soccer game on Saturday with some friends. He wanted me to come with Toots but I didn't feel comfortable bringing Toots to the bar they were going to (I felt like it was weird to bring a baby unless it was a restaurant/bar and this place isn't really like that). I was glad we ended up not going because he texted me when he got there and told me he was having to stand to watch the game. Holding a 20 pound baby for two hours while standing would not have been fun!

Sunday, we tried out a church closer to our new house. Well, it is closer in number of miles but almost took us the same amount of time to get there. It was a nice church and the people seemed friendly, but I didn't like it as much as our current church. We are going to try another one that is only 7 miles from our house and see what we think about it. I'm having a hard time wanting to switch because I love our church so much, but when it takes 20-30 minutes to get there, it's easy to decide not to go and we don't want to do that. Toots has started being quite loud in church and we actually had to take turns alternating going outside with him this Sunday. I think we're going to have to check out the nurseries at the churches and consider leaving him in there if we're going to go to church. That makes me nervous, but we'll check them out and see.

Nothing much else is going on. We went to the mall today and walked around for about an hour because I was going stir crazy in this house with Toots since it was raining. I am having a hard time lately because he is awake for a lot more time now (2 - 2.5 hours at a time) and I quickly run out of ways to entertain him! Because his attention span is pretty short, it seems like we can play with all his toys and read some books and it has still only been 45 minutes. I try taking him on walks, to swing, or to the pool when it's nice outside but since it hasn't been yesterday afternoon and today, I was not sure of how the heck I was going to find things to do with him. If any of you moms have any suggestions of things to do, please let me know! I'm not sure if I need to buy some more toys or what. He doesn't really like his playmat anymore. Actually, I take that back. He still likes the playmat and is on it right now. I think he just doesn't like to be on it multiple times a day anymore. We use the exersaucer and jumper some and I also play with blocks and some other toys with him. I might get him some light-up drums because I've heard from some moms on The Bump that their kids really like them.

Next Thursday (not this coming one, but the next) we have his 6 month appointment. I can't believe he's going to be 6 months old in one week! He's such a big boy - in size and otherwise now - and it's crazy it's been a half year since he was first born. Sometimes, it felt like it had been years and years but now that he's sleeping, it goes by fast ;)

We LOVE our new video monitor we got! I don't know how I survived without it and it would be a HUGE recommendation on my part to any new moms. I originally read that people didn't like them because they would stare at the baby the whole night and that's why I didn't register for one, but I definitely wish I had because it really helps to not have to jump up everytime I hear him make a noise and be able to know he's fine when he is crying. I got a funny picture of him sleeping the other day on it:

He konked out with his hand over his eye!

Me and Toots. This is, not kidding, the first picture I have of him and me (by ourselves) since he was about a month old or less. I told Tim we have to start taking more pictures of me and him - I'm usually the one behind the camera.

He and Daddy were sitting on the porch the other afternoon and I snuck a picture of them through the window. I just thought it was cute.

He loves his baseball toy his Nana got him before he was born. It makes cute noises that he likes, but he mostly loves chewing on the ball and on the tee right now!

Look what I can do now! Last week, I reported he sat up on his own for about 30 seconds. Now, he does it for minutes at a time. It's amazing the difference a week makes in a baby!

Daddy's home! Yay! (His shirt says "My Dad Rocks")

We tried the duck tub again last night since he sits up better. He can sit up in it, but he prefers to sink down so the water is all over him, which leads to tilting and getting close to falling out. We'll keep trying :)

Uh, oh! She caught me!

Playing in his exersaucer. He is soooo good at controlling everything on it now and turning around to play with everything.

Thanks to those of you who commented on my "Blocking Spree" post. Jess and Lara, I unblocked you - sorry I didn't realize who it was! I hope everyone has a great 4th of July! We're taking Toots to see some fireworks for the first time. We'll see how that goes since he's scared of loud noises. I'll post next Tuesday after his doctor's appointment for sure and possibly before then.


Brad & Rachel said...

Meredith over at "La Buena Vida" has started something called "In The Photo Fridays" so that once a week all of us Moms will be sure to get a picture taken of us with our little ones and post them in our blogs, on Fridays, through September 1st.
Check it out: http://vivalabuenavida.blogspot.com/2010/06/in-photo-friday.html

abby and paxton said...

I love my video monitor. We like to watch him when he's stirring around and trying to go to sleep, but I've never lost sleep from watching him. That's just crazy!! I need my sleep.
And I think I only have a FEW pictures of just Ty & I also. I am always taking the pictures. Most are of JUST Ty... crazy.

Natalie said...

I just told Matt the same thing about pictures of me & Jack! I think its a mom thing... there are hardly any pictures of my mom with us kids when we were growing up, she was always the one taking pictures!