Monday, May 31, 2010

Animal Attack!

This past Saturday, we went to the Fort Worth Zoo! It was our first time to go see the animals. We went last June for Beastro, which is a food/drink event at the Zoo but we didn't get to see any animals because it was at night. So it was both Toots and our first time to visit. It was a hot day but there was a lot of shade and exhibits with cool air conditioning so we had a greatttt time! It was definitely more for Tim and I than Toots at this point, but it was still fun :)

Toots brought along his animal friends, Faith Newman and Lion, for a tour of the zoo.

What? I'm a gangster baby. I can't help it.

Toots was SO interested in everything going on around him! So interested in fact, he completed passed out from all the excitement ;)

Cute penguin


The elephants spraying eachother
Pretty giraffe
Orangutan...I thought this picture was funny because it looks like he is spying on the other monkeys.
I'm going to go to bed now but I have two more posts I'm going to do tomorrow, so come back for some more fun!