Sunday, January 11, 2009


Sorry I didn't write all week. It didn't seem like anything too exciting happened!

Thursday I watched the National Championship game and the new Grey's Anatomy. I thought Oklahoma would win the game but I was wrong. It cracked me up how obsessed the announcers were with Tim Tebow. I know he is a very good guy, but it was just so one-sided with their like for him over Sam Bradford.

Friday, Tim came into town about 2:00 PM and we ran some errands. Then, we met my friend Sandy, her boyfriend, Chris, and his friend (also named Chris) at Ninfa's for drinks. We hung out there for a while and then went to George's to eat some dinner and have a few more drinks. It was the first time we met Chris and he was a super nice guy. We had a lot of fun hanging out with them and I haven't gone out with Sandy in a while so it was nice to do that again. Tim and I left George's and tried to go to a movie, but the one we were going to see was sold out so we just went home. I ended up falling asleep about 9:45 and Tim fell asleep about 10:30.

Saturday, we got up to run with the Waco Striders for half marathon training. We ran 7 miles one trails in Cameron Park. It was REALLY hard!! We are both very sore today. After running we were starving so we went to Cafe Cappuccino and had breakfast. They have really good pancakes there. We came back home and went and saw The Unborn, the movie we were trying to see on Friday night. It wasn't any good. We wanted to see a scary movie and it looked like it would be good but it was extremely predictable and no really scary parts. After the movie we came back home and relaxed for a little bit. At 7:00, we went to La Fiesta to meet Tanya and Tommy. Tanya is a friend that I met on The Nest that also lives in Waco. We have been talking for several months and wanting to plan something to get together and we finally did! We had dinner at La Fiesta and then went bowling. Tanya bowled a turkey (three strikes in a row) on two games in a row! I did terrible, but everyone else did well. We had such a great time with them and are so glad to have met them. We definitely want to go out again soon and it was great to meet a couple that we both really liked both the husband and wife! It was a great time.

We slept in today, went to lunch at Cotton Patch and then came back and went on a walk. Tim left about 4:00 to go back to Fort Worth. This week shouldn't be too bad at school. I'm going to go to Fort Worth on Thursday and Tim is going to his friend John's bachelor party Friday through Sunday. I'm staying until Monday because we don't have school for MLK Day.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!