Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tim's Job

I keep forgetting to post an update about Tim's new job. He really, really likes it so far. He did extremely well on the first title opinion he had to write and the main partner told him that he would not have to be on the probationary/introductory period for as long as he originally thought!

I am so happy he found a job that he really likes in an area we are thrilled about living in. We will probably start looking for a place to live in March because we would like to have somewhere picked out in April to move into. As of now, I will be moving there in May and driving in to Waco everyday for my one class and bar class until I finish in July. Our apartment lease is up here on April 30, and we don't want to pay the extra money each month for three months to keep staying here and are unsure if they would even let us do that.

Thanks, again, for everyone who was praying for him with his job situation. It worked out in such a wonderful way!


abby and paxton said...

Hey guys!! Congrats on the job Tim- it's so nice when you have a job you actually enjoy and are good at!!
So, Lauren you're training for a half marathon?!?!!! That's awesome. When is it? I ran one last October in Tyler. It started out on the campus there, then just went through the country roads and a few neighborhoods near the campus. It was tough! It was so hilly. I would say just be sure and run 13 miles or really close to it by the time of the race. THe longest I had run before the race was 11.70 miles- and I could feel it at the actual race. The last 2 miles really were tough- and it wasn't mental. haha. But it's such a great experience. I was planning on running a marathon this February- but of course you can't really do that when you're prego. Anyway, sorry bout the super long comment- I'm just excited for you!!! Good luck with training! I wish I were training for one too!

michelle k said...

Did I know you started up your blog??! I feel so behind! Anyway, yay! Now I can keep up with y'all after you guys officially blow this popsicle stand!

Congrats again on the job. Isn't it awesome how things just have their way of working out and turning out to be pretty perfect. I love answered prayers :)