Sunday, January 4, 2009


Not too much more to report on...Tim and I went to this Italian restaurant called Piola in Fort Worth on Friday night. It was really good! It is in a house they have turned into a restaurant and had some great food and a good atmosphere.

Saturday, we drove around and looked at some more houses. We also went to one apartment complex (Amli Fossil Lake) that we really liked. If we can't find a house, we will probably end up living there - it's a really good price and was just built last April. We found one place we liked that was a duplex that we went and looked at today. It was nice, but it was a 2/1 and we aren't ready to commit to anything just yet. Ideally, we would like to find a house to rent, but we don't know if we will find something we really like in our price range. Tim doesn't really want to move until March or April, so we have a while to look. Saturday night we went to my dad's theatre in Colleyville (Colleyville Cinema Grille - check it out!) and ate dinner and watched Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It is almost three hours long but we both enjoyed it.

Today we just went and looked at the duplex, drove around and looked at houses a little more, and watched HGTV - we both like those house shows. I left about 3:00 and came back to Waco since I have to start school again tomorrow :(

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!