Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Skinny Tuesday

Last Thursday at Weight Watchers, I only lost .8 pounds, which isn't very good. BUT, I did make it into the 140s! I weighed 149.4. I'm hoping this week I will have lost a little bit more weight, but I am really happy to be in the 140s again.
I ate some Easter candy this weekend as well as a delicious piece of chocolate cream pie from this place called The Lunch Box in Fort Worth. It was soooo worth the extra calories. I'm trying to be good this week with my eating so I will lose more weight.
I went to Stroller Strides everyday last week except Friday because we didn't have it since it was Good Friday. I also missed today because Toots was having a little temperature. Nothing that is considered a fever by the doctor, but I just thought I should keep him in today.
How did you do this week?