Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Faith Newman

Toots got a new friend the other day, courtesy of my friend (and future Godmother to Toots!) Michelle. I am stealing the story behind it from her blog because it's so funny and I couldn't have written it better.

Toots LOVES Faith Newman and we're so excited to have her! Here is the progression of what happened the first time he met her.

Yep, she's his new favorite friend. But why is her name Faith Newman, you ask? Perhaps you even know her as Sophie...Well, here's the story, courtesy of Michelle:

Here's the story, which actually sounds more stupid once it's said aloud. But I still think it's special. So, anyone who knows me knows that I am a Young and the Restless junkie (as am I, which is why this is awesome). I have professed it here more than once. Anyway, so I was browsing on Amazon for bouncers for Colt and I came across this sweet giraffe that I recognized immediately. Enter the following screen shot from an episode of Y&R a few weeks ago...

And now enter a really long run-on sentence... Seeeeee, in this scene Ashley is crying because she forgot to pack Faith's favorite giraffe in her overnight bag after she had to give Faith to Nick and Sharon once they got the DNA results that showed that Faith was indeed Nick and Sharon's baby, NOT Ashley and Victor's baby because back in the early days of Ashley's pregnancy Adam, Victor's evil son, scared Ashley and she fell down some stairs and she had a miscarriage, but theeeen Adam convinced Ashley she was still pregnant, blackmailed Dr. Taylor into backing up his story, all causing Ashley to continue in a hysterical pregnancy, resulting in a hysterical labor where Ashley passes out and Adam stealing Sharon's baby (Faith Newman) and giving it to Ashley bringing her to this point months later where she has to give her back.

Yay for Michelle being an AWESOME friend and thinking of Toots and, well, me, since we always talk about Y&R and sending us a new friend! Thanks, Michelle and Colt :)


Natalie said...

Sophie!! Jack definitely has one too... LOVES it!

Bobbi Janay @When did I go from a kid to a grown up? said...

We are too cheap to get Faith Newman, so Ian has Faith's second cousin Fred from Wal-mart. He doesn't care though he loves it just the same.

Kim said...

Haha- hilarious! We are too cheap to own a Faith Newman as well. So far, we've made it thru 8 mo of life w/o one, although I have friends who don't know how :)

michelle k said...

LOL, FAITH!!!! I love this post :)