Monday, April 26, 2010

Here's What You Want to See...

My little (or not so little!) munchkin!

By the way....I took him to the week before last (he was fine, I was just worried about something), and he weighed 15 pounds 11 ounces!

Whoa..what is this?

Who's that handsome kid there in the mirror?
First baseball hat. Not quite sure what mom is doing...
First time in the exersaucer. I think I like this monkey!
My little chubs
Stop taking pictures of me, mom!

Playing on his play mat. He loves hitting the toys and also grabs them now and pulls them toward him. The bells you can see in the background, next to the elephant, when they are hanging up he likes to grab the yellow one.

First time in the Bumbo seat! No, I do not put him on the counter in it. It was just for the picture.

Talking to me while we're doing the photoshoot ;)

Going crazy before his nap. I WAS holding the camera still and it was on the "sports" setting to help catch the movement but he was moving so fast, I couldn't catch it.

Happy baby!

The dreaded tummy time

Cute bottom :)


Seth and Lacey mase said...

Lauren, Toots is so dang cute!!! I especially LOVE the picture of him in the baseball hat. I tried so hard to find M a cute hat, and I ended up with two that are just okay. Great find!! Also, I can almost promise you that the sleep stuff will resume to "normal" very soon. Isn't it amazing how these little tiny beings know just how to throw the biggest curve balls at us!?

YaYa said...

Toots is just too dang cute!! And growing so fast! Hugs to him....

Natalie said...

Love his little baseball outfit! He's got big beautiful eyes! Getting so big :-)

Kim said...

Wow! He's getting so big! I thought M was big at 18lbs 4oz- Toots is a chunky monkey! But soo cute. Hey, what's the white thing on top of the Bumbo? We have the tray but not that white thingy. (Oh, and I have put M on the counter in hers- when I am making dinner right there next to her only of course- but she loves to be up high and see what's going on).

Lauren said...

Kim, ours is actually a BeBe Pod instead of a Bumbo and they have those white things on them for when the tray isn't on them. I figured no one would know what a BeBe Pod is so I just called it a Bumbo!