Wednesday, April 7, 2010

One Way Or Another...

I know I still haven't done a weekly post. I will!

A couple weeks ago, I was coming home from Stroller Strides and I got a ticket. Boo. The cop who pulled me over wasn't even the one who clocked me, which annoyed me even more. I decided I was going to do deferred adjudication because I haven't gotten a ticket in years and that way I wouldn't have to do defensive driving. I went to the courthouse Monday to turn the ticket in and pay. I was planning on mailing it, but the cop didn't put the date on the ticket so I wasn't sure how much time I had (they had to receive the ticket back within 11 days).

I waited in line FOREVER to see the cashier. I finally get up to her, thinking I'm going to get to pay and go and she tells me I have to go to court #4 to wait to see the judge. UGH! It was approximately 5,000 degrees in the courthouse and I had only put an hour worth of money in my meter, thinking I wasn't going to be there that long, and I didn't have anymore change. I quickly called Tim and asked him if he could leave work and come downtown to put more money in the meter for me because I didn't have anymore and couldn't leave since I had to see the judge.

I go in the courtroom and wait about 20 minutes. The prosecutor then calls my name and tells me there was a fatal error on my ticket and he's going to recommend it be dismissed! It turns out, the officer HAS to put a date on it or the ticket isn't valid. SCORE!! I skipped happily out of the courthouse and call Tim as I'm walking to my car.

I tell him my joyous news and he informs me that I had a parking ticket on my car. @#%^$@(#!!!!! He said the officer must have been waiting for my meter to expire and given me a ticket. He had put a ton more money in it, so I still had two hours on it even though I was done. Tim was still downtown so we decided he would park his car at the meter and we would go have lunch. We have lunch and get back to his car and as I am pulling away, I hear him call my name out. I look back and he holds up a parking ticket! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! He still had an hour on the meter so we couldn't figure out what was going on. We both look at our tickets and realize that we were given parking tickets for not parking within the white lines by the meter because the car behind up was over their white line. Dang it!!!!! His ticket was given to him about 3 minutes after we left, so the parking cop must have just been waiting for him to leave.

I thought I left the courthouse $260 richer, but it now turns out only $200 because each ticket was $30. I know that's still MUCH better, but it is sooooo annoying to me!

Hence the title of the post...One Way Or Another...They're gonna getcha getcha getcha!


Bobbi Janay @When did I go from a kid to a grown up? said...

That is so dumb, every Fort Worth cop I have ever met was a butt head like that.

Bethany said...

This story just cracks me up. Those stinky parking ticket cops! It reminds me of a friend that when he was younger on the way home from the hospital to get the cast off his broken arm he climbed out the window of the car instead of using the door (why do boys do things like that??) and fell and broke his OTHER arm! They turned around and went right back!

Glad you and Tim got to have lunch together though! Thats a nice plus in the middle of the work day :)