Sunday, November 1, 2009

Uncle Pennybags and Bumps in the Road

We had a pretty busy weekend!

Friday, we were planning on going to a movie, but after we went and got Tim a shirt to wear for our maternity pictures, the traffic was really bad and we decided we'd rather stick closer to home. We went to eat at Casa Rosa by our apartment (REALLY good) and then rented the movie Horsemen with Dennis Quaid. I thought it was pretty good but Tim thought they could've made it better and left some things out. I'm guessing they didn't have a whole lot to work with since I think the movie went straight to DVD.

Saturday, we got up and went to get Tim's haircut then went to Wal-Mart to get Halloween candy and get some toy cars for my costume (picture below). We had the Trunk or Treat at our church at 2:30 and then needed to go straight to our maternity pics, so we got dressed beforehand. The Trunk or Treat was a great time, ours was a graveyard - some really cute kids in their costumes AND.......we won best trunk!! We were really excited since this was our first year to participate. We got a $50 car wash giftcard and a plastic tub that looks like an old timey movie popcorn container and a big bag of popcorn. We're hoping to make participating a yearly event. Here's a picture of our trunk (not the best image because the camera died and I had to take it with my phone):

The candy was in the "graves" in front of the tombstones. The kids had to reach into the graves to get the candy. They were very skeptical about this at first, I guess thinking it was going to be gross or something was going to get them, but there were no "tricks" in them! There's a "No Trespassing" sign hanging to the right and a bat whose eyes blinked red on the left.

After the Trunk or Treat, we went to the Stockyards to get our maternity pictures taken. Colton, who started SixFourteen Photography, did an awesome job and already has a preview of our pictures up on his website! Go look at them here: There will be more pictures to come, but you'll get to see some of them there. Let me know what you think!

We also went to a little Halloween party. We didn't stay long because I was pretty tired from our busy day, but it was fun. Tim was the Monopoly man (Uncle Pennybags) but he didn't like to wear the mustache because it covered his mouth up, so people didn't really know what he was. Some thought he was Dr. Suess. We had the HARDEST time finding the stuff for his costume. We ended up having to find a bowtie at Hot Topic of all places and he had to use a tophat from a costume his friend didn't use because we couldn't find one. He wasn't very excited about it once it came down to it because of not being able to find everything we wanted. I was a "bump in the road" with cars going over my belly as the bump. It was a comfortable outfit and I thought it was pretty clever. ;) Here's a picture of us:

Today, we got up and went to church and went to the grocery store. We came home and started to watch the Cowboys game but I was still SO exhausted from last night so I fell asleep in Tim's lap for about 3 hours. I felt like I got run over by a car and just could not wake up. When I finally did, I felt a lot better and refreshed. We went on a walk and then I came back and made dinner. I forgot to change the clocks in the kitchen so we ended up eating about 5:30 or 6:00 instead of 6:30 or 7:00. Oops! Now Tim's been doing some work and I've been lounging around and figuring out what all I need to do this week.

Here's my belly picture for the week. I don't feel like I look a whole lot bigger, but maybe a little less definition on the sides and rounder around the belly. Only 11 more weeks to go.

And here's what's going on with baby this week:
Your baby weighs nearly three pounds now and measures about 17 inches. Though she's getting pretty close to her birth length, she still has to chub out a bit. In fact, over the next 11 weeks, she'll more than double — or even come close to tripling — her weight. And as she grows and room in your womb gets tighter, you'll be less likely to feel those big kicks and more likely to get poked by an elbow or jabbed by a knee.

Here's a picture:That's about all for the weekend. I don't have a whole lot to do this week, but I'm sure I'll stay busy. My mom is coming in town on Friday and my aunt, cousin, and Nanny (grandmother) are coming in on Saturday for the shower my friends are throwing for me in Frisco. I'm excited to see all my family and friends. I'll get my mom to bring the pictures from the last shower and I'll do a post with shower pictures.

Natalie - I noticed on my post from last week, you commented about seeing cute Peter Rabbit bedding in the Pottery Barn Kids magazine. That's actually where we are getting it from! I love it and just thought it was really classic and cute.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


Bobbi Janay @When did I go from a kid to a grown up? said...

That sounds like an exhausting weekend.

abby and paxton said...

the pregnancy pics look great!!
How fun you won at the trunk decorating! :)
So- i saw that you said you wanted an Amish bread start-but I've already gotten rid of them. :( Sorry- have you ever had one?? That was my first time- it's yummy. So if I get it again, I'll save one for ya. :)
Oh and, I can tell you belly has grown just from the last week- it's looks rounder on top. Excited to see you this weekend!