Thursday, November 12, 2009


We finished the nursery last night by hanging the last of the pictures and his name letters! Now it's just waiting for a little baby to arrive to use it!

View from the door looking into the room:

Crib with Peter Rabbit bedding from Pottery Barn Kids. You can't really see him except for his ears, but there is also an adorable Peter Rabbit stuffed animal in the crib. The blanket hanging on the right side of the crib (another view of it in one of the later pictures) was made from part of my wedding dress. Baskets underneath hold toys and stuffed animals

I painted and decorated letters. The ones online would have been $15/each and I was able to make them for about $5/each!
Changing table/dresser and cute window coverings. The basket hanging on the left side holds changing supplies and the little bunny sitting on the changing table has cotton balls and baby q-tips.

Closet view. The sign above the door says "Always kiss me goodnight!"
Peter Rabbit cup and bowl are on the left side of the shelf, then the hand and footprint frame, and Duck piggy bank. The picture next to the shelf is a "First Year Frame" with slots for each month of the first year and a newborn picture. Some of his adorable clothes hanging on the shelf and a rabbit lamp on the bookshelf.

Little closer view of the bookshelf with his books and some stuff animals. Can't forget the baby A&M football with the froggy!
Glider with pillow made from part of my wedding dress, Peter Rabbit picture, and super-soft stuffed bunny with his name embroidered on the ear.

Another Peter Rabbit picture and the vibrating chair we were so excited to get (Thanks, Ann!). I'm also planning on getting a baby chair that is shaped like a big frog from Pottery Barn Kids.

Big Bear next to changing table. There is another view of the blanket made from my wedding dress.
This is the "Baby Sleeping" pillow I was talking about that I was cross-stitching for his room. It hangs on the door. I'm so happy with the way it turned out - especially for my first project!


Kaitlin said...

Oh my goodness, I love your Nursery!!!

Sara said...

This nursery is so cute! I have always wanted to do Peter Rabbit for mine since I don't want to know the gender beforehand. Ilvoe the pillow you made. And, also, did you cut your wedding gown? Or, use a part that was more inconspicuous? I'd love to know.

YaYa said...

The nursery is just fabulous!! I love the theme and having a blanket and pillow from part of your wedding dress is very cool.....I know Brendan will be a very happy baby in this room. Love it!!

P.S. I think your cross stich (sp?) is very good!

michelle k said...

I LOVE IT!! It's how I pictured! Did I tell you that my nursery and my brother's was Peter Rabbit?? It looks so awesome and makes me feel bad that Colt's room is sooooo not close to being done :( Oh and I want the story too about your pillow made from your dress!! What a great idea!