Thursday, November 12, 2009


Here are pictures from my fabulous shower this past weekend. Unfortunately, I don't have pictures from the shower in Beaumont yet because my mom now can't find her memory card for her camera, which the pictures are on. Hopefully we'll find it soon and I can post them!

Like I said in the last post, the shower was at my friend Kaitlin's house in Frisco. We had ice cream sundaes (yummmm), cookies, and cake as well as some really delicious punch. There were three games - one was Lauren's Pregnancy Trivia with questions about my pregnancy, one was guessing how much several baby toys cost all together, and one was to guess what Toots will weigh when he is born. One of the hostesses took everyone's guess and address and whoever is the closest will get a prize mailed to them! Also, my hostesses all pitched in to get me my jogging stroller I had registered for! I was SUPER excited to have this to be able to get back in shape after having the baby and so that I will be able to exercise with him. Tim was also really excited so we can use it to get back into running 5ks. I didn't get a good picture of me opening the jogging stroller, so here's a link you can click on to see it:

Here are me and my great hostesses, plus my friend Kathy (left to right): Jill, Kimberly, me (duh), Kathy, Kaitlin, and Stephanie. Lindsey also helped to hostess but, unfortunately, she couldn't make it because she had a meeting for work :( The things hanging in the window behind us spell "Baby" and have little baby things on them - so cute!
Stephanie got Tucker a little toy of his own so he wouldn't feel left out with all the presents Toots is getting - haha! Ignore my goofy face :)

Take-Along Swing from my Nanny
Adorable sleeper from Michelle - it is soo soft
Toot's first Aggie tee from Kathy. He also got an A&M onesie and t-shirt that has a little boy in a football uniform and says "Hold on Aggies, I'm coming!" from Jill. Also, he got an A&M blanket and two Aggie books from my Aunt and Uncle who weren't able to come. We want to start him out early!

Hand and footprint frame from my stepmom's friend Laura and her daughter, Rebecca. When Toots is born, we will use the ink pad that came with it to put his hand and footprint in the frame.

Adorable cake! It has his initials on the onesie. Also, it was delicious!

Michelle and I. Michelle is who I was saying is due 3 days before me. She's also having a boy! I'm so excited for Toots to have a friend so close to his age!

I also got our Pack 'n Play from my stepmom, Nancy; the Co-Sleeper that goes next to our bed from my mom; some really cute clothes from my sisters, including one that says "Auntie loves me THIS much" and has a little bear stretching his arms out; the bebe pod (just like a Bumbo) for Toots to sit in; bottles, bottle liners, some diapers, toys, washing stuff, pacifiers, and a bunch of other stuff! Like I said, we had a great time and got lots of awesome stuff!


Natalie said...

So fun! Jack loves his Pod chair, so I hope Brendan loves his too.

michelle k said...

So, I didn't realize it's been like 47 years since I checked your blog. Maybe because I've actually seen you in real life?? Your cake was soooo good. I can still taste that uh-mazing icing... sad.