Sunday, December 7, 2008


Ok, so I still haven't taken pictures of the Christmas decorations. I swear I will this week!

Friday we had my office Christmas party. It was really fun! We had dinner and a White Elephant exchange at one of the ADA's houses and then went out to this place called Crying Shame in Waco. It's a somewhat seedy bar but they always like to go there after the Christmas party every year. You can dance there, probably won't see anyone you know, and it's interesting to see all the people. We left about midnight because we were starting half marathon training on Saturday morning.

We got up EARLY on Saturday at 7:20 to go running with the Waco Striders - the group that is doing the half marathon training. Tim complained the entire way to the place we were meeting because he was tired, he didn't feel good, it was cold, etc. etc. etc. We ran a 5k on flat ground and did 3 minutes of running and 1 minute of walking. I thought that would make our time slower but one of the guys was telling us that it really doesn't add much to your time because, if you were to run the whole way, you actually slow down as you run. So, walking every four minutes actually helps you keep your speed up. I think he was right because we ran that same amount a couple weeks ago and it took us 30 minutes running the whole time. Yesterday, it took us 30 minutes and 44 seconds. Anyway, it was freezing outside when we were running - I think about 27 degrees - so my nose was running a lot. We came back home and got back in bed about 9 AM and slept until 1 PM!

Last night we had our monthly supper club. This one was Chinese Christmas themed so we had Chinese food for dinner and took saki bombs. It was fun - they usually are! We slept in again this morning (bad us, not going to church) until a little after 11:00. I think we haven't been sleeping well this week because we have been sick, so we needed some catch up time on sleep. My nose is running a lot more today but I don't feel bad.

That's about it! I think we are going to go to Boerne this weekend. My interview with the Tarrant County DA for the internship position is on December 18th at 2:00 PM. Oh, and please make sure to pray this week for Sarah. She is the one I talked about a couple weeks ago that is in the process of trying to adopt and the adoption calendar is going to help with she and her husband's expenses. They may have an opportunity to adopt a baby girl that was just born this weekend. Please pray for the biological mother of the baby who is making the decision and also pray for Sarah and Jamie that this works out for them and they have a smooth process.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!