Tuesday, December 23, 2008

God is Good!!

I just found out that I got the internship job in Fort Worth!!! I was getting really anxious yesterday since I hadn't heard anything so I went ahead and e-mailed them this morning just to ask for an update and tell them that I was very interested in the job and enjoyed meeting everyone (I already sent everyone a thank you note, this was just a follow up). I got an e-mail back from the lady telling me 'congratulations!' and it had a letter attached that they were going to send me in the mail that told me I got the job!

I will start after I take the bar and graduate. I could start on August 3rd, but they told me in the interview that they usually like to give people a couple weeks off after the bar. However, I just heard from the lady again and she said she would mark my tentative start date as August 1st. So, I guess I might be able to start the 3rd. They used to last into October but she told me they had a policy change and they now end September 30th. That would mean I would work there for about 8 1/2 weeks. I get my bar results somewhere around the first week of November, so hopefully after that it will lead to getting a full-time Assistant DA job with them.

Anyway, I just wanted to give an update since I just found out! I will post about what department I will be working in when I know more about it. Thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts from everyone!

Have a great holiday!


Bethany Thompson said...

It sounds like everything is really coming together for you and Tim! What a wonderful thing to happen before Christmas!! It gives hope to those of us still in the job search process....


Sarah said...

Congratulations, Lauren! I am so thrilled for both of you! Merry Christmas!

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