Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Decor

Okay, I finally took pictures of all of it! I tried to put them in some sort of order.

I know I posted this a couple months ago, but for those of you that weren't reading them or didn't see it, here is the wreath I made for the front door.
We don't have a mantle so I found this cute stocking holder on the internet.
I have also made it double as a Christmas card holder on the back of it since we only have three stockings to put on it and they all fit on the front.
Tim's mom gave me this beautiful set of ornaments. They all kind of go together, so I decided to get a small tree to put them on so they could all be around eachother. I don't have lights for it yet so it is kind of hard to see them. But, there are 12 ornaments and each has a meaning. The collection is called the Bridal Collection and it is a set of good wishes for new couples to begin their lives together. Angel - God's guidance in the home; Bird - Happiness and joy; Fish - Christ's blessing; Flower Basket - Good wishes; Fruit Basket - Generosity; Heart - True Love; House - Shelter and protection; Pine Cone - Motherhood and fruitfulness; Rabbit - Hope and faith; Rose - Beauty and affection; Santa- Unselfishness and goodwill; and Teapot- Hospitality
Here is my Willow Tree Nativity. I LOVE all things Willow Tree. If Tim hadn't objected, our tree would also have Willow Tree ornaments. I asked for the actual stable thing that they sit on for Christmas this year from my Nanny and Papa.

Kitchen table decorated...

Close up of the centerpiece. Flowers and ornaments from Hobby Lobby, bowl was one of our wedding presents. It's a really beautiful crystal bowl.

Christmas trees I made...

Here's a closeup of the tree. It's a cardboard tree with tiny little glittery balls hot glued onto it. They had some similar to this at Target that I really liked but they were $30 each. I decided I could make them for less than that. I ended up making them for about $20 for both of them!

My bobble-head Santa with his Christmas tree. You obviously can't tell he is a bobble-head and this picture really doesn't do him justice, but he is just about the cutest thing ever.

Jack Frost potpourri with Jack Frost scented candles in the pretty wooden holder. My mom bought this for me when she was in town from this great store we have here called Spice. This is on the coffee table.

Little bit of a close up on the Christmas tree. My pictures do not make it look as pretty as I think it looks. We went with a red and gold theme with a little bit of silver mixed in.

Here's a full view of the tree with the star. It took us FOREVER to get the star on and make it stand up. I ended up having to use a wooden spatula stuck inside of it along with the branches to keep it from falling over. The lights are actually on but the flash made it hard to tell. I think I will add a couple more strings of lights next year to make it light up more.

That's it! Sorry the post is so long! We're heading to Boerne tomorrow so I hope everyone has a great weekend!


House of Brodt said...

Very cute! LOVE your wreath and your tree and your Willow Tree nativity scene, but everything looks great!

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