Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Sum-Up

We did a lot of travelling this Christmas! As I mentioned in a previous post, we celebrated Christmas with my dad's side of the family on December 21st. Then, we celebrated Christmas at my dad and stepmom's house on December 23rd. The 24th, we went to Crockett and stayed there until the 27th to have Christmas with my mom and her side of the family. The 27th, we went to Beaumont and had Christmas with Tim's mom, brother, and his family, and then had Christmas with his dad on the 28th. We came back to Waco yesterday so Tim could pack everything up today to move to Fort Worth. He starts his new job tomorrow!

We got lots of great stuff - too much to mention here! Tim got some new clothes for work and a giftcard to get some more clothes, we got some skillets we had been wanting (mine are stainless so stuff sticks to them, so we got some nonstick ones), some books, a bag I wanted that I am going to use for a briefcase, the stable part for my Willow Tree nativity, a small decorative lamp, some giftcards, and more stuff! We had a wonderful Christmas.

Tim is leaving this afternoon to go up to Fort Worth. For the time being, he will be staying with his friend Tennessee. Tennessee and his fiancee, Lauren, have a mother-in-law house in their backyard that they agreed to let Tim stay in for very cheap for a while! We are going to go look at houses to rent this weekend. Tim kind of wants to wait a few months before we rent anything since I won't be moving there until May (our lease here in Waco is up the last day of April). I told him we should keep our options open and if we find something we REALLY love that is well-within our price range, to go ahead and rent it now. I'm just anxious to get something because I am excited about moving there ;)

I'll be going up to Fort Worth on Wednesday after I get off work and we're going to Dallas to celebrate New Year's with my friend Kaitlin, her boyfriend Beau, and another couple. We're going to go to Pappadeaux's for dinner and then to Blackfin bar in Addison. I love going out on New Year's, so I'm really excited!

Hope everyone had a great holiday and has a great New Year's!