Thursday, December 18, 2008

Great news!!

TIM GOT A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!

Yayyyy!!! We are so excited! I haven't posted this week because he had the interview on Tuesday and I didn't want to post about it and then him not get the job and have to post sad news. So, I just decided to hold off on posting until we knew something. He got the call at lunch today that they want him to work for them! It's a relatively new firm - made up of three attorneys that have worked for several years at other firms - called Judd & Vural, PLLC. It is in Fort Worth which is even more awesome because we really wanted to live there. I am just so excited I can't even begin to try to express it!

I also had an interview today at the Tarrant County DA for an internship after I take the bar. I thought it went pretty well. It was only a 15 minute interview, which I couldn't find a parking spot and ended up going into the wrong building at first so I was 5 minutes late :( Luckily, the lady knew I was coming in from out of town and it was bad weather and the guy who was going after me was already there so he just went before me. I hope that that doesn't hurt my chances but I felt like I did well overall. I guess we will see...They are supposed to let me know next week.

We are about to go to Tim's current job's Christmas party. He is starting his new job shortly after Christmas and will be staying with a friend until we find a place. Our lease at our apartment in Waco is up at the end of April, so I will probably move to Fort Worth for my last quarter and just come into Waco for my one class everyday. If that doesn't look like it will work, we will try to figure out something else but that seems like a great option for now.

I'll try to write more tomorrow to update on the past week. Hope everyone has a great night!