Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend and Job Updates

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! We really enjoyed the A&M game, although it was quite obvious we don't have a very good time. It was nice to attend a game where we got a win, even though it was not the blowout we might have hoped it would be. We very much enjoyed our weekend in College Station. It was the first time since I attended A&M that we have spent an entire weekend there.

Friday, we got in pretty late because Tim's truck was in the shop and we were waiting to pick it up before we left. So, we got there about 8:30 and went to dinner with my cousin, Nathan, who goes to A&M and who we were staying with. We went to Cafe Capri in downtown Bryan, which is one of my favorite restaurants. If you ever happen to be in Bryan/College Station and are looking for somewhere to eat, I would HIGHLY recommend going there. It is an Italian restaurant owned by a former student and has a mix of family recipes and ones the owner has created himself. I got the Bowtie Affair, which is a mix of different colors of bowtie pasta, grilled chicken, feta cheese, and a cajun cream sauce. It is delicious! After dinner we just went back to Nathan's and watched It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and went to bed early.

Saturday, we got up a little after 8:00 and went to our friends Mike and Megan's tailgate party before we went to the game. We stayed for the whole game and then went back to the tailgate for a little while. We went back to Nathan's to change and then went over to our friends Aaron and Kristen's grandparents house for dinner with Kristen's family. Everyone was very nice and the dinner was absolutely great! We had a really fun time. After dinner, we went out to Northgate with Kristen and Aaron and went to Dry Bean for a few shots and then to The Chicken. After that, Tim and I had to go get some Pokey Stix at Gumby's - one of our favorite places for late night food.

Today we are back in Waco and back to the real world. Tim is working on answers letters from inmates at the county jail - he has a second job where inmates write him letters with legal questions and he has to answer them. He is paid by the county because there is not a legal library at the jail here and the inmates have a Constitutional right to have answers to legal questions. I am working on homework for school this week.

As for a job update, Tim had his interview in Fort Worth on Friday and felt it went really well. He spent an hour and a half talking with the man who is considering hiring him and then got a thirty minute tour of the facility. He is still extremely excited about the job and hopes very much he will get a chance to work at the company. The man who interviewed him said he was going to call two to three people back for a second interview and he would let Tim know whether he wanted him to come back in a week or two. So, please continue to pray for him with this job! I should find out tomorrow when I will know about whether I got a call back for the Harris County DA.

That was a pretty long update! Again, hope everyone had a great weekend and hope y'all have a great start to the week!