Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend Overview

Tim and I had a pretty quite weekend this week. We decided to stay home for the weekend because it seems we are always on the go.
Friday we went and saw Burn After Reading (see review below), went to dinner, and to a new wine bar here in Waco called Austin's on the Avenue. It has a really cool vibe and a great patio. It's probably the nicest bar in Waco and helps to feel less like you are actually in Waco. It is more like a Dallas bar.
Saturday, we watched the Aggies get smoked by Miami and then went to dinner and back to Austin's with some friends. Today we just went to church and Tim went over to help my dad with an Operations Manual he has been working on and I have been doing homework.
We are going to watch the A&M v. Army game next weekend and I really hope the Aggies figure out what happened this weekend and correct it before we are there. We usually only get to go to one game a year at this point, so I hate to think we might be going to one we are going to lose! On a happier note, we are really excited to get to spend the night in College Station after the game and go out with friends because we haven't gotten to do that in College Station in a long time.
I guess that's about all! Hopefully we will have some more exciting news to come as Tim has a job interview this week and so do I. We are more crossing our fingers for his interview than we are for mine because he has been looking for a job for quite a while, so please keep us in your prayers this week.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!


sarahandjamie said...

Jamie says "Gig 'Em" and I have no comment. ;) Enjoy some Freebirds for us though!

- MrsB2007