Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Skinny Tuesday

This week's Skinny Tuesday is a big FAIL.

I'm having to use a different scale since I'm in Boerne, but it said today I weighed 155.7 :( So that's a gain of 2.3 pounds. Boo. I really don't know how that could've happened because I haven't been eating differently and I actually gave up sweets for Lent so I haven't even been eating the amount of sweets I was.

I did get cleared for exercise on Friday but I haven't actually gotten a chance to start because of my mom and Nanny being in town this past weekend and then being in Boerne this week. I plan to start on Thursday because I'm not getting back to town until almost 8:00 PM on Wednesday evening. Hopefully that will help.

Things I did to try to lose weight is to stop eating sweets. I guess my struggles have been not starting exercising yet and I'm obviously doing something wrong on what I'm eating! To be honest, I haven't tried to change my diet that much. I do try to make better choices but I haven't made a huge effort to not eat any junk. I will try harder on that this week.

I can't really hard-core diet because I am breastfeeding and my mom read online if you diet too much while breastfeeding it will release toxins in your body that can get to the baby. So, I've just really got to try to make an effort to eat healthier rather than try to diet.

I'm still keeping my goal of getting to the weight by our anniversary. Hopefully I'll have better news to report next week! If you're on your own weight-loss plan, I hope you did well this week :)


Bethany said...

I hope next week goes better for you. I can't wait to jump on the bandwagon. I lost about 20 pounds in PC (between stress and cooking at home instead of eating out), but have gained back almost 10 of it studying for the bar!! Eeek! I am no good at eating out!

Hope you are enjoying Boerne and staying warm!

MrsSandro said...

Toxins in the body huh? That's a new one. I think as long as you eating enough to produce then you can diet. But you really shouldn't eat less just better quality foods with lots of protein and nutrients. This article has some tips.http://www.kellymom.com/nutrition/mom/mom-weightloss.html I have started tracking my calories again and increased my workouts to 5 times a week. :) Your posts are motivating me.

Sarah said...

Next week will totally be better - being out of town always throws things out of whack! You can do it! :-)

PrincessDipti said...

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Anonymous said...

Ok 1, boy weight can change daily by a couple of pounds. You may have a little water wait. Drink A LOT of water over the next few days to flush it out.
2 Exersize does not make you lose weight. In thel ong run yes, but it is a combination of a life style that is where you will see results.
3 2 pounds is nothing. Smile. Do something nice for yourself and you will see the results that you want faster.