Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Skinny Tuesday (on Wednesday)

Ok, the weekly post I'm going to do to chronicle and follow my weight-loss efforts is Skinny Tuesday. I got the idea from The Urth Mama Blog. I'll have a badge on the right hand side of the blog.

I have my six week post-partum appointment on Friday, so that's when I expect to be cleared for exercise and really start getting back in shape, but I've still been trying to lose weight these past six weeks.

What I'll do every week is focus on my weight-loss efforts for the week (the things I did to get to the weight I want to be at) and also any struggles I had. I will also post my weight and any amount I gained/lost. Join me if you want to - we can help keep eachother accountable! Oh, and you don't have to post your weight if you don't want to.

One thing I would like to add is that I am not trying to make anyone feel bad about themselves or to make it sound like any certain size is too big or too small or whatever else. The amount I weigh right now and how my body looks is not what I want. It doesn't mean this weight or body isn't right for someone else, but it's not right for me.

This week, I have just tried to watch what I eat a little better. Since I haven't gotten the go-ahead to exericse just yet, I haven't done anything hard core, that will start next week.

The struggles I've had is with sweets. I LOVE sweets and it seems like it's gotten worse since I had Brendan! I eat a lot of cookies and candy. I'm working on that by not buying sweet things at the store so I don't have them in the house.

My last week of pregnancy, I weighed 190 pounds. When I came home from the hospital, I had lost 25 pounds, weighing 165 pounds. My goal weight for right now is 134 pounds - which was the weight I was at when I found out I was pregnant. As of this morning, I weighed 153.4 pounds - so 19.4 pounds from my goal weight.

My time period to get to this goal is just about 11 weeks. Eleven weeks from now will be Tim and mine's 2 year anniversary. That averages out to just under 2 pounds per week. I think that is a very attainable goal and I've accomplished losing that much weight much quicker than that before. Right when Tim and I got engaged, I had lost 25 pounds in just at 8 weeks.

There's my Skinny Tuesday/Wednesday post for the week. See y'all next week! :)


Bethany Thompson said...

I love this idea!! As of now I plan to join you, but AFTER the bar exam and the ensuing post-bar celebration ;)

Sounds like you're doing great so far! Good luck!

Sara said...

Good luck! Personally, I'm doing Weight Watchers to get to a healthier weight before trying to become pregnant so we have somewhat similar goals.

This might be too personal, but did you nurse and if so, did you find it helped with the 12 lbs you've lost since leaving the hospital?

MrsSandro said...

You have a lot less to lose than I do. I can't really diet until I am done with BF because I have a low supply issue. I only can pump 5 ounces a day. I do work out three times a week now though and I can feel much better than I did before. I am trying to limit my sweets as well. I like your skinny Tuesday post idea. I might try something like that post BF when i can really get into the watching what I eat. I used to count calories and lost about 30 pounds doing that in couch to 5k last time. I can't wait to do that again. Good luck!

Rakhi said...

Welcome to the losing weight blog club - feel free to come and check out my blog (I usually post on Thursday's). I look forward to reading your posts.

Lauren said...

Hey Sara, I do nurse. I think it has helped with losing the weight because, up until now, I really haven't tried all that hard to watch what I eat. I think I was under the impression it might help a little more than it has, but I read you burn about 500 extra calories a day breastfeeding.