Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Six Sleepy but Swell Weeks

I'm back! I went to Boerne last Wednesday to visit and celebrate my stepdad's birthday on Thursday. Tim came on Thursday evening. We would've ridden together but I was planning on staying through this Wednesday to help my mom and stepdad with my niece, Rosabelle, who they are keeping for my sister for a little while. They ended up not needing me this week but will need me next week, so I'm going back there on Sunday through Wednesday of this next week.

Anyway, we celebrated my stepdad's birthday on Thursday by going to dinner at Kirby's Steakhouse in San Antonio. We brought Toots and Rosabelle, who is 19 months old, so it was an interesting experience. Rosabelle wanted to be held the whole time, which my mom did so she wouldn't disturb everyone else's dinner. Toots was fussy at first but I went in the bathroom and fed him and then he just stared at the lights the rest of the time :)

Friday, I got to get my hair done as a Valentine's gift from my mom. I got full hi-lites and a cut, which I was reallllly excited about. I haven't gotten hi-lites in almost two years (I think right after Tim and I got married was the last time I got them). I haven't taken a picture yet, but I promise I will soon and post it. The haircut is pretty much the same because I didn't want to take any length off of it. Friday night, Tim and I went to dinner for Valentine's Day and my mom and stepdad kept Toots. We went to Fraelo's in Leon Springs, which I have mentioned before. It's a really good pizza place. Then, we went to Orange Cup, a new yogurt place I was told about. It was different than what I was used to. They just have four flavors that are kind of "natural" tastes and then you can add a topping. The cool thing is they put in the flavor you got and the toppings on a computer and then print out the nutritional stats for your particular yogurt. It was fun to get to have a date night with Tim since we don't get those very often because we don't have any family in Fort Worth to keep him and we just don't feel comfortable leaving him with a random sitter right now.

Saturday and Sunday we just hung out and did some shopping. Tim went back to Fort Worth early Sunday and I stayed in Boerne one more day because my mom didn't have school on Monday. I stopped in Waco on the way back to see the family. Toots got lots of cute clothes from both CiCi and Peepaw (my mom and stepdad) and from Lolli and Pops (my stepmom and dad) for Valentine's Day as well as a few books.

Toots is six weeks old today! For almost all of the days we were in Boerne, he slept 5 hours straight at night. I started putting him in his crib to sleep when we got back and he hasn't been sleeping quite as well but I've heard that's normal. He has also started babbling and making more sounds. This morning when I put him back in his crib after eating, I went back to bed and he was in there just talking to himself for a few minutes before he fell back asleep. It was so cute! He also started doing his very first social smiles (smiling at us when we say things to him)!! I have one picture below but I'm hoping to catch other ones - everytime I manage to get the camera I can't get him to do it again! He follows things a lot better with his eyes now and he also stares at whoever is holding him. His neck strength is getting better and better.

I'm going to do a separate post every week now for my weight loss goals to get back to pre-pregnancy weight. It's called Skinny Tuesday but I'll have to be a day late this week since I didn't post yesterday.

We are going to dinner tonight with my friend Kaitlin and her boyfriend, Beau, which we are excited about. I haven't seen Kaitlin since I was in the hospital with Toots so I'm anxious to hang out :)

If you haven't responded to my "Getting to Know You" post below, don't forget to do that by Saturday. Thanks so much for reading the blog, it makes me feel special that y'all are interested :) One of the steps I will be taking starting next week (I just haven't had time to do it yet, I'm planning to this weekend) is that I will be water-marking all the pictures I post on here. This will eliminate people from stealing the pictures for their own use, if someone actually wanted to do that.

Here's some pictures:

I know this one is kind of blurry, but I just thought his face was cute. The shirt kind of states the obvious, doesn't it?! ;)

When Toots wouldn't go back to sleep the other night, Daddy got up with him to try to get him to sleep. Instead, he and Daddy BOTH fell asleep on the couch. I know this is dark but I couldn't turn on the light to make it brighter and my camera didn't flash when I took it.

And, the one I know y'all want to see...The smile!! He's kind of squished because he was sitting on Tim's lap and Tim was taking the picture, but still very adorable...He also does lots of great open-mouth smiles but I haven't gotten one of those on camera yet.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and has had a great week so far!


cspurlock said...

Hey Girl! Glad to hear that you had fun this past weekend & congrats on getting to go out w/o B. If you ever need a babysitter, we'll be more than happy to take B off your hands for a few hours. Just let us know. You can do the same for us with C-man. He's used to smaller kids, due to daycare & loves little doggies. :) Just let us know. The only times we are ever able to go out, is when my Mom visits (she'll be in town next week, so Alan & I will get to be able to go out) or when we visit Alan's folks in Corpus.

Natalie said...

That's so great that he's falling asleep in his crib by himself! I'm impressed! The pictures are adorable... nothing is more precious then first smiles, first babbles... all firsts! :-)