Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Weekend/Beginning of Week

Sorry I wasn't that much better of a blogger last week!

I spent last week going back and forth of course but I spent two nights in Waco. I was in the Top Gun trial tournament last week and got to the second round but then lost to a guy on the Mock Trial team.

Friday, Tim and I went to dinner at this place called Flips in Fort Worth. It was a bar-type atmosphere with a big porch area. We liked it. Saturday, I had to get up and go to BarBri (bar class) at 9:00 AM. I am going in Fort Worth on the weekends so I don't have to go back to Waco on Saturdays as well. Saturday night we went to a movie and dinner with Tim's friend Stephen and his girlfriend, Kelli. We saw Drag Me to Hell. It was pretty good but super disgusting. Then, we went to Gloria's and had drinks afterwards.

Sunday, we went to church and to a little get together in the church afterwards for new members and met some people. We just hung out the rest of the day on Sunday and I worked on stuff for Titanic. Yesterday, I didn't come to class because I had a doctor's appointment for the migraines I have been getting. He thinks they are probably hormonal but I am going to get an MRI just to be sure.

Now, it's back to school and BarBri for the rest of the week. On an exciting note, my mom bought me a car for graduation! I don't graduate until August but she found a really good deal on the type of car I wanted (a Ford Edge) and so she ended up going ahead and getting it. I haven't seen it in real life yet but she sent me pictures. I will post them tomorrow so I have something else to post this week! Tim and I are going to pick it up on Saturday.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great week!


Sara said...

We could be friends! We like Flips in Grapevine. Good luck at your appointment. I've had migraine more than half my lfe now and while it's gotten better I'd give anythign to get rid of them. A lot of mine are caused by stress and you're so busy it might be a cause. Hope it gets figured out.