Monday, June 15, 2009

Another Fast Weekend

The weekends seem to go by SO fast. I hate it.

Friday, Tim and I went to the movie in Colleyville and saw Up with Nancy, Emily, Caroline, and two of their friends. We also ate dinner there. Up was good, but it was very sad. I spent the first 20 minutes of the movie just wanting to cry. Most of the funny parts were on the previews and there was a lot more sad stuff than I thought there would be.

Saturday, I went to BarBri in the morning and then we just hung out the rest of the day until we went to dinner at El Fenix in Addison with my friend Kaitlin, her boyfriend, and a friend of hers from college along with her boyfriend. After dinner, we went to The Flying Saucer. It is a place with a ton of different kinds of beer. Really laid back. It was fun to hang out with them.

Sunday, we went to church, worked out, and went by the pool for a little bit. Today it is back to school and work and bar classes. Only 21 days of class left! I can't wait to be done!

I am stealing a fun little survey from Sara's blog that I will post tomorrow or Wednesday so that I can give some entertaining news to y'all :) Hope everyone had a great weekend and has a quick week!


Bobbi Janay said...

It isn't amazing how fast Saturday and Sunday go by, but Monday- Friday drag by so slow?

michelle k said...

I heard Up! was sad. Maybe we'll just rent it and then I can snort and cry in the privacy of our home.

Mondays ALWAYS come way to fast.