Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Travels and Juries

This weekend, Tim and I went to Crockett to see both sides of my grandparents and also my dad for Father's Day. It was a nice weekend. Friday, we went to dinner with my Nanny and Papa (mom's parents) and my aunt, uncle, and cousins. On Saturday, Tim went with my Papa to his garden to get some vegetables and stuff while my Nanny and I went to town for a little while. Saturday night, we went to my aunt and uncle's house for dinner. They recently remodeled their house and it is beautiful! Sunday, we went over to my Mammaw and Pappaw's (dad's parents) for lunch and to visit with other family as well as my dad, Nancy, and the kids. It was nice seeing everyone and spending time with them.

Yesterday, I had to do voir dire (jury selection) for my class. It went well and I didn't get in trouble for anything :) It could've lasted a long time, but it ended up only being about 2 and a half hours. I know that sounds like a lot but we have four parties in the case, so that isn't too bad with that many parties. The rest of the week, we have a really easy time in class. Today, we just had a lady come and talk about trying to get a job in this economy (in my opinion, she wasn't very helpful - no offense to her or anything, it just wasn't). Tomorrow, we have another professor coming to lecture on something we were supposed to learn about last quarter but he wasn't able to come. We don't have class on Thursday and then on Friday we have the director of our Career Services Office (who used to be a lawyer) coming to talk about case cost-assessment. So, it will be a nice, relaxing week before I have to spend the weekend taking a practice Bar Exam and getting all the answers.

Only 14 class days left - EVER! Yay!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend and has had a good week so far!


M. said...

The last few days of class rule!! Go you :)

Bobbi Janay said...

Good Luck on the BAR Practice exam.

michelle k said...

14 class days... I saw when your FB said 16 and both Pete and I were like, "Whoa!". Keep counting down for both of us!!