Sunday, October 26, 2008


This weekend we went to The Woodlands for a friend's wedding. Matt, the groom, started law school with Tim. We stayed at The Woodlands Resort & Conference Center. It has a little pond/lake on the property that has various creatures that live in it. Whenever we took a walk, we saw this creature...

Originally, we thought it was a beaver. Then, we realized it didn't have the tail like a beaver. Our friend, Lauren, was also at the wedding and is a veterinarian. We showed her the picture and she said it looks like a Nutria. She said they are the biggest rodents. Gross. It does live in the water and has webbed feet, but is a lot grosser than a least to me.
The wedding was very pretty and the food was great! Here is a picture of the groom with our friends Lauren and Tennessee. Matt, the groom, is in the middle. Lauren and Tennessee are engaged and getting married April 25.
After the reception, we went to a bar called Bakers in The Woodlands. In order to go to the bathroom, you had to push on what looked like a bookshelf to open a door to the bathroom area. It was pretty cool.
They had some Halloween themed drinks that, if you ordered one, you got a free pair of vampire teeth. Lauren and I decided we must have the teeth, so we both ordered a drink from the menu. Here is us with our teeth in.

Many more pictures of us biting our significant others ensued. It was a good time!
Other than that I have just been studying for finals. Not very fun.
Hope everyone had a fun weekend!