Sunday, October 5, 2008


Well, we got to meet Carolyn Therese, our new niece, this weekend! She is absolutely adorable and spends most of the day sleeping. For about thirty minutes to an hour before she actually wakes up from one of her naps she grunts, groans, stretches, and makes a noise that sounds like a teradactile. It is pretty hilarious. Kate, our other niece, who is three, comments often about how "beeeeautiful" Carolyn is and how she is now a big sister. We really enjoyed getting to spend the whole weekend with the little girls as well as with Brian and Shannon.

I got a new suit from Ann Taylor Loft for my interview on October 15th. Its black with thin white pin stripes. I have a black suit (both skirt and pants) already but I sometimes don't feel very comfortable in it and it's a three button jacket and sometimes I think it ages me. The one I got is two button and I just got a skirt. I have a complex with pants.

We are hoping that Tim will hear from the place in Fort Worth this week. If he doesn't hear by Wednesday, he might call the guy to check in. So, please don't stop praying for us yet!!

That's about all. I'm trying to get all my work done for the week today so that I can start studying for finals this week. We might also go to the fair on Wednesday because I got a free pass at work. I love fair food and the rides - although the rides scare me a little because I doubt they upkeep them very well. Hopefully Brian will post some pictures he took this weekend on facebook and I'll add them to the blog so y'all can see Carolyn and Kate!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!