Friday, October 24, 2008

Free Chocolates = Phishing

Someone on The Nest (April, MrsReaux) found this website where you can get free chocolates. They looked DELICIOUS and I, as well as a few other people on the Dallas/Ft Worth Nest, had to have a free sample of these chocolates. Well, the next day, someone posted that they found out it was a phishing scam :( . I don't know what this means they will do with my information - they got my e-mail address and actual physical address, but it makes me very sad that I got duped and that I'm not going to get free yummy chocolate. Boo hoo. If you see a link to this website for free chocolate, don't fall for it!

We're carving our pumpkin tonight, so I will post pictures!!


stephanie said...

That is terrible. On a brighter note, your friendly neighbor has an entire bag of frozen snickers in her freezer. So, you can have free yummy chocolate any time!