Thursday, October 9, 2008

TV Shows & Christmas Ornaments

Not too much has been going on this week, so I haven't had anything to update about. I do want to say I'm really tired of the debates because it is messing up the shows I like to watch. Tim and I really like watching House and the new show that comes on after it - Fringe. This week they were both reruns because of the debate. Also, last week Grey's Anatomy was a rerun because of the debate. I don't like watching them because they make me nervous and I just get upset.

We didn't end up going to the fair. Maybe we'll go tomorrow or Saturday, but I'm not sure. Hobby Lobby has their Christmas ornaments 40% off until Saturday and this will be our first year to have a tree, so I think we are going to go there and look for some ornaments. Tim wants to get a real tree, so I guess we will be waiting a while for that! We are going to carve a pumpkin for Halloween sometime soon and I will take pictures of that and post them.

Tim may or may not be going to Dallas this weekend to visit friends but I am probably going to stay in Waco and study for finals since they are coming up soon. Hope everyone is having a good week!